A Catholic Congregation Sings!
  • Some Laetare joy.

    My Song is Love Unknown, the Cincinnati Oratory / Old St Mary’s, Laetare Sunday, 2023.

    I love my congregation so much. Consolamini... Catholics can sing. Not a mic in use. If you want to get a sense of the relative balance of congregation to choir, on vss. 4 & 6 the choir are singing SATB.

    The registration was just about as subtle as I could be with the prep time I had & without a working combination action.
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    Very nice indeed.

    I used to play for a little country congregation in Oklahoma that sang like this on anything they knew well. They actually made me tear up on a few occasions because it overwhelmed me to hear them singing this way. I still miss them nearly 5 years later. It has everything to do with culture and willingness.
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    By the way—I LOVED the reharm and descant! Was that you, or can you point me to a score? I’d love to use that.
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    Kudos for the final verse descant and harmonization. All in all, this was outstanding.
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  • Thanks so much! The reharm and descant were mine... right now they are scribbles and hastily drawn onto photocopies, but I can make them nicer looking and give them out at some point.
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    or you can send your scribbles to me and I can make them look pretty :)

    In all seriousness though, your reharm and descant were wonderful!
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    Ooh yes. Yes yes yes, everything about this is gold.
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    Oh my goodness. I LOVE this hymn so much, and it's done so rarely around here. I introduced it to my middle schoolers a while back, but I'm not sure they were able to appreciate it. It makes me so happy to see this posted here.
  • In tears. Whoa.
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  • I hate to be picky about a performance that has so much to commend it, but there was a noticeable slowing of tempo between the organ introduction and the first and all remaining stanzas - and the organ lost.

    This is so beautiful a performance with antiphonal singing betwixt men and women, and a grand conclusion by choir, Organ, and descant by the sopranos! Kudos!!!
    Just a reminder that we set tempi and hold to them against all diversions or contestants.
    The organ should never waver in keeping all forces in line.

    You are blessed to have such a church - choir, congregation and all.
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    The descant and subtle reharmonization . . . oh, my. Well done.
  • This was Passion Sunday:

    Ah, Holy Jesus (vv. 4 & 5 unaccompanied)

    And two from Easter Sunday:

    Alleluia, Alleluia! Hearts to Heaven and Voices Raised (improved)

    Jesus Christ is Risen Today (foretaste of Heaven, truly) (verse three was a standout, the people loved it)
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    Jesus Christ Is Risen Today is one of the few hymns that our congregation will sing with enthusiasm, so it's always nice to play it on Easter. Unfortunately, some people absolutely ruined it this year by starting applause in the MIDDLE of verse three. It's during those times I wish I had water balloons to throw onto the congregation from the organ loft.
  • TCJ,

    Don't give Bugnini any ideas! He'll incorporate water balloons (ostensibly) filled with Holy Water into the rite next year!
  • Nihil, I've had a number (like 5 or 6) couples/families coming to BSC regularly but also attend Old StMary's regularly. They often try to draw a similarity between our parishes. All I can say is it is a complete honor and privilege to minister in this region with you. Your faith and devotion to faithful entrusted to your care is so moving and the fruits of your labors are incredibly evident. It is so good to have you back home in Cincy!
  • Thank you so much, Matt! It’s great to be home. I hear very good things about Blessed Sacrament too, and I’ve been meaning to make it to a Saturday evening Mass sometime!

    We should catch up soon!