Credo for Eastertide
  • I'm introducing Credo VI in a few weeks, starting on Laetare Sunday.

    Just a few weeks later is Easter, and I'm not sure that I want to continue using this Credo then.

    Please note that I'm not asking what the rubrics require (because I know the answer to that question). What do you think is the most fitting accompaniment for Lux et Origo during Paschaltide? Why?
  • tomjaw
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    We use Credo II in Lent, and Credo I in Easter...

    Credo I is the authentic tone so could be an Easter and Feast day tone as we use it. But Credo VI is rather special We use it for major feasts when we do not have a polyphonic credo. Perhaps Credo IV (Cardinalis) would be good for Easter, Although we use this for Post Epiphany and Post Pentecost.
  • tomjaw
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    In the U.S. it might be an idea to use the Spanish Kyriale, with 2 settings of the Credo to choose from,

    Those in (former) French speaking areas could use the Henri du Mont settings here, 5 settings of the Credo to choose from,
  • Tom,

    Interesting ideas. I'm in California (so, in the States, and Spanish-speaking at that, in many ways) and at an Institute apostolate (whose lingua franca is French), so should I sing alternating verses in the two languages. [Yes, I'm joking.]
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    I've never been able to make Credo VI work. During Covidtide I introduced all the Credos my people weren't already doing (2,5, 6. Why not? They weren't supposed to sing anyway) But once my Schola was allowed back, we dropped VI. It feels like it wants to be done in a radically non-Solesmes, middle-Eastern style.

    I like IV for particularly solemn times, and III when I think it's important for people to sing along. But otherwise we just cycle through in numeric order.
  • Jeffrey,

    I like IV, too. I've only recently encountered VI. What do you find middle-Eastern about it?
  • Don’t forget VII!
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  • Stimson,

    I don't know this one at all. Do share with the readership what is so worthwhile.
  • tomjaw
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    Credo VII is in the last old Kyriale c.1960 pg 68 here,

    Credo VI is interesting, and very repetitive. We sing it alternating between men and women, I think it works well this way. I don't think it will work as a congregational setting.

    Credo IV is my favourite, it is subtitled Cardinalis in the 1903 books.
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  • In the Ordinariate we sing Credo I, as was always the case for Sarum. I am ashamed to say that at Walsingham we always sing the creed recto tono. Alas, at least we sing it!
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    VI. What do you find middle-Eastern about it?

    It's the recurrent melismas at the ends of phrases, particularly with the half-step involved. They're an ornamentation of what should by rights be sol-mi-re, and they feel like they were once sung as ornaments, quickly. The pes subpuntis feels like it should be sung twice as fast.