Free 'three-minute' Ad Orientem Tract
  • Last year, our parish began implementing the ad orientem posture for all daily masses, and has done so year-round ever since. At that time, some local pastors and myself put together a little 'three minute guide' explaining Ad Orientem and the reasoning behind it. It is in English & Spanish, and it's available as a free download on my website. You are most welcome to share it / print it for any of your parishes if it would be helpful.

    I mention this, because it's that time of year where some parishes begin experimenting with versus deum worship, if even on a limited basis.

  • James,

    You're doing a good service with these tracts, but I thought you meant "how to make the Sicut Cervus going to the baptismal font at the easter vigil last 2:59, and not a moment longer".