Solid State Organ System Weird Issue
  • Our pipe organ has an SSOS Multisystem II. Three processors, a CFMII for the combination action, an MFMII that I couldn’t tell you what it does and the Console processor. These are connected with Cat5 cables to an unmanaged network switch. The Console Processor connects to the two card planes.

    We have an odd issue where sometimes the Great manual (Man2) will be active, and sometimes not. If it boots up and works, it will work, reliably, without fail, until the next power cycle. If it boots up and doesn’t work, it will not begin working unless the organ is rebooted, and then only sometimes. The stuff inside the case works — it is a console issue. If Choir/Great reversible is engaged, the Great (Man2) plays perfectly on the Choir (Man1). The Great stops also always play when coupled to the Solo (Man4).

    I have actually switched out the Console Processor with a different one (no success, so it is not internal to the processor), reseated and actually switched all the data cables, changed ports in the network switch...

    What am I not thinking of? Has anyone had or resolved this issue before? Any ideas where in the chain or sequence this problem might be?
  • francis
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    Are the keyboard manuals running via MIDI?
  • Good question!
  • That would explain the MFM, which is a MIDI processor. Otherwise there is no MIDI functionality.
  • francis
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    Switch the manuals wires and see if the problem shifts to the manual with the GT midi wire
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  • GambaGamba
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    Have you checked the junction board where the great contacts are wired in? If I remember correctly, that has +12VDC coming in from the power supply, and then 61 inputs from the physical key contacts, and some sort of SSOS witchcraft module to multiplex it onto a Cat5. If the power supply has failed/is troublesome, then there’s no voltage for the great contacts to bridge, and thus the whole manual would do nothing.
  • BruceL
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    If this doesn't get sorted, PM me. I might have someone you could contact!
  • francis
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    hows it going nihil?