Hymn to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (free music)
  • Hi all, with the Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton coming up (Jan 4), wanted to share among you a short hymn I recently composed. Text is adapted from stanzas of her own various prayers, and her collected writings. If you are in a church where you could find use of this music feel free to use it, just kindly let me know if and when you program it.
  • As someone who was a Catholic parochial schoolboy, under the tutelage of Mother Seton's teaching sisters, when Mother was canonized by Pope St. Paul VI, this beautiful tribute of yours brings tears to my eyes as it also brings back the glorious memories of our combined school/parish celebrations: A long procession of over three hundred Catholic parochial schoolchildren bearing a five-foot statue of Mother (normally kept in the school lobby) together with eleven teachers and seven priests, from the school building around the corner into the parish church for a Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving.

    God bless you for this effort and tribute.

    Gaudete in Domino Semper!
  • Very good! Thank you.

    Does the tune have a name?
    I think, for stanza 1, line 2: "That we, with Jesus as our Rock," would scan better.
    In stanza 2, line 4, shouldn't "amend" be "amends" (to agree with "God")?
  • PATRICK!!! This is lovely! I'm not sure if we will be able to use this, but I hope your parish appreciates it. Hope things are going well over there!!
  • *my cover is blown!*
    thanks Laura
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