Sarum variant of Pange Lingua /Tantum Ergo
  • The melody of Pange Lingua in my Hymnal 1940 and 1982 is different than the "standard" version heard everywhere, and lists "Sarum plainsong" as the source material.

    I have looked in many places, but could only find one place (Hymn-melodies for the Whole Year: From the Sarum Service-books and Other Ancient English Sources) with the source melody. Of course, I trust the 1940's editorial staff more than myself!

    Because of the source of this melody, we have retained it in usage at our parish as part of the patrimony. Can anyone confirm the source of this melody? Other ordinariate musicians, is this the oral tradition at your church, or do you do the "standard" version?

    I have attached the latin hymn to the sarum melody below. I could not find an edition in Latin, so I learned how to use the Source and Summit editor today! If anyone has editorial comments, that is also helpful as this is my first time using this tool.
  • tomjaw
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    I was told that the Italian version here, was originally from England. It is an interesting variation to the version commonly sung.
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    @tomjaw, the Mode I version you cite is also in the Liber Usualis. It has a different "feel" than the Mode III versions (at least to me). In fact, this is the melody employed for my own setting (attached).
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    Plainsong for Schools gives three tunes for Pange lingua/Tantum ergo and vol 2 gives four more, all with the approbation of Solesmes/Quarr. (And 3+6 for O Salutaris.) As a child I found Benediction unsettling because of this superabundance.
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    The Sarum form appears here, in my scholarly edition: Dom passion.pdf page 1072
    hope that helps
  • Thank you!
  • madorganist
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    As a child I found Benediction unsettling because of this superabundance.
    I must say, this is one of the more amusing remarks I've read on this forum. Silly the things we get weirded-out by as children! We have Benediction once a month; if we had it weekly, I'm sure I would crave more than two congregational settings of the Tantum ergo.
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