New Liturgy of the Hours Hymnal
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    Because of the flexibility of Latin word order and the constraints of English, translations often make parallelisms clearer.
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    Chris G-Z There are lessons to be learnt from the deplorable history of the 1998 Sacramentary which are relevant to LOTH. Had the translations of the orations been submitted when they were ready, we could have had 20 years without the baneful travesties provided in the 70s. Sometimes a complete revision of a ritual book is necessary, but frequently a revision of just one part, such as the hymns, is beneficial,
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    That lessons are available to be learned is not at issue. Alas, the people grading the exams have changed, but not (so far as I can tell) for the better.
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    Bishop Lopes just announced at the USCCB plenary that the Hymnal will be available for sale in July 2023.
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    Yee-hah!!! Finally!

    Gaudete in Domino Semper!
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    Here is the link to the GIA website.
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  • Wow! Finally! I've been checking weekly!
    $100 for the accompaniment!
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    This looks fantastic! Everything about this hymnal makes me so encouraged regarding the LOTH Divine Office revision.