Thomas Savoy: Requiescat in Pace
  • Many of you, I know were associated with the illustrious Tom Savoy of Charlotte, NC. The Catholic News Herald of the Diocese of Charlotte reported today:

    Thomas Savoy, who served as Magister Capellae (music director) at St. Joseph College Seminary and founder of the Carolina Catholic Chorale, passed away Oct. 23, 2022.
    Savoy was an outstanding Church musician, organist, conductor and composer. He previously served as sacred music director at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Charlotte and was responsible in particular for promoting traditional Catholic music in the Diocese of Charlotte.
    “He transformed our young men’s lives,” said Father Matthew Kauth, rector of St. Joseph College Seminary. “When we first started the seminary, before Tom got involved, we couldn’t really hold a single tune. It was like two dozen different voices. But Tom’s rare talent and his passion for music really opened our seminarians eyes to the massively large and beautiful world of music.
    “He was not just teaching sacred music, I mean we were doing barbershop quartets and whole range of things. To have lost him is like losing a family member,” Kauth continued. “Everyone wanted Tom or any possible musical challenge or setting, and Tom would pull it off.
    “The legacy of his music and passion certainly will inspire our young men, but Tom is absolutely irreplaceable,” Kauth said.
    Please pray for the happy repose of his soul, and for his beloved wife Deborah and their family and friends. We will share the funeral arrangements once they have been finalized.
    Watch Thomas Savoy and Luke Thierfelder, tenor, play a selection of sacred music during the 2022 Eucharistic Congress:
    Read more about his work:

    Say a prayer for his soul and his family. Tom loved sacred music very much, as well as its being passed on to successive generations.
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    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Savoy on few occasions that I saw him. He will surely be missed, and may his family find consolation during this time.

    ~Prayers for the repose of his soul.