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    I know it’s not an official list but was disappointed not to see Archbishop Sample even mentioned . At least for VP

  • Todd,

    Archbishop Sample is an advocate for policies currently in disfavor, policies immediately relevant to the purpose of this organization's discussion forum.
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    Yep, For the time being, Archbishop Sample is the voice crying in the wilderness.
  • Kathy
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    I don't think the above remarks fairly judge the Bishop's Conference, nor the slate of candidates.

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  • Kathy,

    If you're referring to my comments, you've misunderstood them. Let me rephrase:

    so long as Traditionis Custodes is alive and well, Archbishop Sample's voice will be unwelcome because of what he advocates. Cardinal Sarah advocates many of the same things, and he's not an American bishop, and is similarly unwelcome in many of the same circles.

    Another explanation: Archbishop Sample may have been invited to put his name forward, and declined to be nominated.
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  • I think there are a good number of bishops in the USCCB at least sympathetic to Archbishop Sample's mentality/viewpoints that if he wanted to be nominated for something he could be. He seems to pick and choose his battles. Besides, I think most others view TC as a small fish when it comes to whether one is suitable to lead the conference. I'm not sure I'd read anything into his being "snubbed."
  • "if he wanted to be nominated"...

    Most of my priest friends who pray the traditional Mass say that they don't want to be bishops. Imagine wanting to be a career-ladder climber? While I would like different leadership at the national conference, I completely understand why a sane bishop wouldn't want to take an administrative duty beyond his diocese.
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  • I can second that. Every good priest I know swears it’s the last thing on earth they desire. And they are rather vehement about hoping to avoid the burden.
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  • The problem with this is that it leaves the positions to the power-hungry.
    Why do we have elections for USCCB office anyway? Put every bishop's name in a barrel and have a drawing.
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  • Remember, Jeffrey, that the church is a democracy. This is why we are having the synod on synodality, and listening sessions, so we can have more synods, and more national bishops conferences voting to formally cede from the faith! (Purple)
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    Every good priest I know swears it’s the last thing on earth they desire. And they are rather vehement about hoping to avoid the burden.

    From my experience even priests who long to be bishops swear it's the last thing on earth they desire.
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  • Fr. Krisman,

    Serious question: why would those who crave the office (and whatever comes with it) swear that they don't want it?
  • Nolo episcopari = volo Sancti?

    (Pardon my pidgin Latin)
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    Chris, over the past 150 years or so a high percentage of U.S. bishops have been graduates of the North American College in Rome. So if a man is chosen to study at the NAC, there is some expectation that he is on the episcopal track. That being said, it is still considered unseemly for a NAC graduate to openly express the desire to be a bishop.