Fall Online Chant Courses Levels I and II
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    Good day, everyone!

    I will be offering my Online Chant Course again this Fall, and have added a Level II. Classes are held live via Zoom, and kept small in order to facilitate opportunity for questions and practice. Level II is already half full.

    Online Chant Course - Level I
    Establishes a thorough foundation for reading chant pitch and notation on the four line staff. By the end of this course you will be able to prepare and sing a chant from chant notation, without outside assistance.
    Tuesday evenings at 7 pm CT, Oct 18 - Nov 15
    Limit eight seats.
    Online Chant Course - Level II (NEW)
    Learn the skills of excellent chant musicianship, with study of the eight church modes, structural pitches, and the relationship of melody and text. Culminates in a group singing of Vespers via Zoom, with each student leading a portion of the liturgy.
    Wednesday afternoons at 1 pm CT, Oct 19 - Nov 16
    Limit eight seats.

    For registration and more info, you may visit www.chantacademy.com.
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    Angela does a MARVELOUS job!
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    Good day, everyone! I am bumping this post, as early registration ends tomorrow, October 4.