Frankenpsalm 18 OT C [USA Lectionary]
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    I always chuckle when we roll around to this Sunday. The antiphon comes from Psalm 95 while the verses are from Psalm 90. Looking back at the 1970 Lectionary, Psalm 95 was used with both the prescribed antiphon and verses, but in the 1998 revision, this Sunday’s psalm was changed to Psalm 90, but the antiphon for Psalm 95 is retained.
  • CatholicZ09,

    Clueless question: Why does this amuse you?
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    This is just a simple error on the part of those who put the 1998 English lectionary together. The revised order of readings (Ordo Lectionarum Missae or OLM 1981, upon which the 1998 edition was based) changed the responsorial psalm for 18 C from Psalm 95 (with the response "If today you hear his voice harden not your hearts" - as it was in the first OLM from 1970) to Ps. 90 (with the response "In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge" as on 23 C). The English editors changed the verses to Ps. 90 but mistakenly kept the response from Ps. 95. So the resp. psalm for 18 C should actually be identical (for both verses and response) to the one on 23 C.

    Others errors / discrepancies in the 1998 lectionary are detailed here.
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    I wondered why the CanticaNova entry for the psalm response didn't even resemble what was in my lectionary
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    I am easily amused. I just find it funny how our liturgical books have errors like these. How did the USCCB not see it?

    We are human, I guess! Haha.
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    I've always wondered when they realized Advent 1A follows Xus Rex C: during a long night one wouldn't want to hear the Goldberg aria twice in a row between variation sets, would one?

    So, did anyone sing "In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge" today? I sang Ps. 90 in English and Ps 95 at the Spanish Mass, both with Venite .
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    The missalette and Royce Nickel both had “if today you hear” with psalm 90 so we went with that
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    "I've always wondered when they realized Advent 1A follows Xus Rex C"

    I've assumed for decades that was deliberate.

    And found it lovely.
  • davido
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    Yea, as deliberate as the lazy guy who had so little imagination that he pasted taste and see onto every year B Sunday which had the Eucharistic discourse Gospel.

    “O shucks, we’ve had the same psalm for three weeks, let’s change a couple of verses.”

    If one’s understanding of the psalms is so shallow that you can only see Eucharistic theology in Psalm 34, you probably shouldn’t be designing a new liturgy from scratch…
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    I wrote our setting which follows the [apparently incorrect] lectionary. It is based on the introit ‘Domine refugium’ which treats some of the text of psalm 90. (I try and have some link to an ancient melody in all my current settings.)