Litany of the Precious Blood... chant?
  • I have a Liber (both hard copy and electronic) and have (therefore) music for the Litany of St. Joseph, and of Loreto, and of the Saints, and of the Sacred Heart..... but I can't find the chant for the Litany of the Most Precious Blood.

  • Liam
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    Since it wasn't promulgated until 1960, perhaps it never made it into universal ritual book in chant form?
  • This is possible, but I would be happier with an explanation which took into account that the church assumed sung Mass and devotions were the norm, whether they were common or not.
  • Liam
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    This is dated 2017 from a traditional Latin Mass community I think in Sikatuna, Philippines:
  • I saw a recording of this, but didn't have access to the score from which it was being sung.

    Thank you.

  • I live in a monastery which was originally for the Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood. There is a chant that they have... Im not sure if they themselves wrote it or if its something they got from an official source. I can try to write it out later if there is time.. if you are interested. I have only the organ version so its not in chant notation but I can transcribe.
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    I'd very much appreciate both, as it happens.
  • Okay here is the Litany in Chant Notation for English and Latin. I will try to get the organ accompaniment as soon as I am able.
  • Here is the accompaniment, personally I think there is too much dissonance but here it is. Sorry it's a little messy, I don't have a good software for modern notation.
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    @monasteryliturgist: Funny how you end up on topics that I am interested in. I used to be on the hunt for this, and yours is a version I have never seen before. If you have a moment to scan the original score, I would be interested to see it. Granted it may have no identifying information on it; I still think in the interests of scholarship that it is important to have a scan of the original score available, as the image conveys nonverbal information that is lost in transcription.
  • @JonathanKK If you send me your email address in a pm I can send it to you. The original as stated above is from/written by the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood. After they eventually died of old age, our community was blessed to continue religious life in their monastery so we were left with many treasures.