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    This month's HYMN OF THE MONTH is a tribute to a Sister of Notre Dame of the Mount Pleasant Community in Liverpool, England. She was a teacher, author, poet and has composed the words of at least nineteen hymns for the Catholic Church. Take a few minutes to read about this Sister of Notre Dame and her contributions to Catholic music.
    Visit https://www.motherofmercycatholichymns.com and click on HYMN OF THE MONTH.
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    Thank you, Don9of11, for your detailed research concerning Sister Mary Xavier Partridge, S.N.D., and her well-known hymn, Lord, for Tomorrow and Its Needs (Just for Today). I think of Lord, for Tomorrow and Its Needs as more of a “sacred song,” rather than a hymn, probably because it’s not liturgical, as such. I learned the Blanche Seaver melody, and I think that was the most popular—at least in the U.S. What interested me, among other things, was the comparison that could be made with its publication in various hymnals: the non-Catholic hymnals omitted the version about Purgatory; and the compilers found it fitting to indicate S. M. Xavier’s secular name, Sybil Partridge, as the composer—thus, no reference to the Catholicity of the hymn. All of Sister’s other compositions that you have listed are very familiar to me; the words to each hymn all convey various aspects of our faith and the melodies are joyful and easy to sing yet prayerful. Interesting, too, is the fact that Sister Mary Xavier was writing in the time immediately following Catholic emancipation in England. The entire "story" you have presented is most uplifting.
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