2025: Memorable year?
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    My previous post, regarding Bishop Barron's breviary project (which generated some interesting back-and-forth discussion) and the expected date of 2025 for the physical publication of the forthcoming "LOTH 2.0", as it will undoubtedly come to be referred to on sites such as this, brought to mind (well, my mind at least) a number reasons why that particular year, 2025, stands to be a significant, and potentially unifying, year in the life of the church, both in the U.S. and universally.

    Not only is the newly translated breviary expected that year, but also the new Lectionary, incorporating both the Abbey Psalms and the new biblical texts. Simultaneous arrival of these two items will be a refreshing change from the pattern of "leap frogging" among ritual editions that has been so commonplace over the past 40 years or so.

    2025 will also see not only the next quarter-centennial Holy Year (commencing the First Sunday of Advent 2024), but the 100th anniversary of the Feast of Christ the King...assuming of course that the world, failing to acknowledge Him as such, has not not completely annihilated itself by then!

    Christ the King...Holy Year...new Breviary...new Lectionary...(maybe even a new Successor of St. Peter?). 2025 could prove a memorable year (Deo volente!).

    Gaudete in Domino Semper!
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  • People used to see portents in such things.

    If the new Breviary and the new Lectionary are actually improvements on their predecessors, this will be something to celebrate.

    How much closer to recognizing the Kingship of Christ in our parishes, our personal lives and the lives of our countries?

    Successor to St. Peter? If it leaves us with two retired popes, I'm not sure this is a good thing. If if leaves us (as news reports elsewhere suggest it might) with a pope who makes Francis look conservative, we will have, or nearly have, the situation someone described as "the living will envy the dead".
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    I sincerely doubt we will have "two retired popes" walking the Earth in A.D. 2025! (Unless there are some wonderful life-extending elixirs available to both B & F).

    Then again, Pope St. Agatho lived to be...what?...106? (Hmm, but he reigned until death...bad analogy on my part). ;-)

    Gaudete in Domino Semper!
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    @Chris, I cannot share your gloom. I still have Lauda Sion in my head, sung with joy and a swing and a lilt. Even the sorte tamen inæquali is in the joy of the Lord’s glorious salvation. Laus Deo! Gaudeamus gaudens gaudialiter gaudebundo!
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  • Have we heard whether Anno Domini 2025 will be designated a Jubilee, as is fairly customary every 25th year?
  • Liam
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    Yes, this past January.
  • Andrew,

    You misunderstand what you characterize as my gloom.
    I'm not gloomy. I simply don't take the Candide idea that everything that happens is good and cheerful. The felling of the World Trade Center towers should not be met with "Thanks be to God that New York's Skyline has been improved."
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    My guess is that one or the other book will be unfinished or will be pushed off so as not to arrive at once.