Sarum Rite E-books of Interest
  • Kathy
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    Whilst doing something completely different, I happened upon this treasure house.
  • MatthewRoth
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    Yes, all available here. You can also purchase them via the usual on-demand printers. My concerns about communio in sacris aside (and for that matter, about using the Sarum rite outside of England and Wales), it's really important work and Dr. Renwick's legacy is already cemented. I hope that's not too effusive, but just having the Manual has already enriched how I think about the liturgy, and I'm not even very inclined to do much Sarum-inspired things myself. (17th/18th century or bust…)
  • renwick
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    Thanks so much for your encouraging words! I feel so honoured to be able to give to my colleagues--to the best of my ability--the first complete modern edition of any medieval liturgy. God willing, I hope to be able to complete the English edition of the same in due course. I have always taken pride in making all the material freely available on line -- of course the print-books are not free!! -- but any profits from the sale of these books goes towards defraying costs associated with the project. I would be particularly grateful if those of you who may be affiliated with institutional libraries might suggest to your librarians to acquire these books, thereby furthering knowledge of our heritage and also supporting the endeavour. Blessings to all. William Renwick