Psalm 47 • God mounts His throne...
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    Greetings all,
    Ascension is coming up next week and I just wanted to share my setting of Psalm 47 just in case it is of interest to anyone.


    All the best,
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    That descant is really neat, even though it’s simple. I like it.
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  • Very nice.
    The simplified Anglican chant is sung right well and is really good.
    (I don't know if AC was on your mind when writing this - maybe not. There are some simplified chants in The Hymnal 1982 that are quite similar to yours.
    Also! You should be proud of your choir - very nice singing.

    (I detected but one out standing fault - Namely accomplished by the cantor - - -
    namely, why that consistent singing of 'Lord' in the responsory as if it had at least two extended syllables, eg. Law---rrrd. Some little work would fix this 'R's should always be suppressed [unless one is mimicking some America dialect[)
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    The cantor (yours truly) is guilty as charged. Being American, however, there's little doubt some bad habits have crept in lol!
  • [Aside: You haven't lived until you've heard the words "Our Father" in 4 syllables! Ow-er far-thur. Imagine a mid-western accent, to boot.]
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    pa-ter no-ster

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    You ain't heard nothin' until you hear "Bill" pronounced as three syllables ("Bee-ih-ul") in a low Tidewater drawl.
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  • Liam,

    Tidewater Virginia, or further down the coast?

    (I used to live in North Carolina, so....)
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  • nice composition
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