• for two violins and harpsichord.

    You'll notice that Forest Green snuck in there, too.

    Comments welcome.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Nice work! One comment about layout: traditionally, the keyboard instrument is placed under the instruments in situations like this (the keyboard instrument may be placed between the winds and strings in scores for larger ensembles).
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  • Charles,

    Thank you for your generous appraisal.

    About the layout, I shall have to find an address for Finale, to urge the company to follow more traditional placement of parts.
  • LauraKaz
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    As I am rather fond of both of the carols you used, I was excited to see this arrangement.

    However, looking at the score I couldn't help but notice that the violin parts lack bowing markings. As a violinist myself, I can tell you that intermediate players will interpret this as an instruction to play all of the notes with separate bows (which I doubt is the effect you would want from this piece). Advanced players would likely invent their own bowings as they deem appropriate.
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  • Laura,

    Thank you for your kind words. I hope that the imperfection you note didn't mar the over-all effect.

    So.... I have absolutely no idea how to insert bowings into the file within the program, Finale. Perhaps the problem is unsolvable with the age of program I'm using, and perhaps it's a user-troglodyte issue.

    Or, perhaps, do you mean that you would like to see slurs (rather than up-bow and down-bow markings)?

    Do you know how I can/should solve this?
  • MarkS
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    This is Finale's 'orchestral' order—if it were a full orchestral score, the harpsichord (or other keyboard) would be where it is now (above the strings, below other percussion). To re-order the staves go to 'Score manager'. Also, the string staves would customarily be about 75% the size of the keyboard staves in a score like this, allowing you to fit more music on each page.

    I think Laura is probably referring to slurs, which indicate bowing (all notes under a slur taken by one bow). Unless you really know what you are doing, it is generally a good idea not to worry about up- and down-bows, and to let the string players take it from there!
  • LauraKaz
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    I agree with Mark's statement that you will only need slurs, which will get most of the bowing across. Most players will know when a phrase should start on an up-bow vs. a down-bow.
  • Laura,

    My brain wasn't thinking of beginning violinists. In the music in which I most commonly swim, crescendos (and their inverse) and tempi and such are not included, on the assumption that people singing it will be able to figure those simple things out. I can try to put them in, and repost it (but that's not today's task).