Best way to dispose of hymnals?
  • Splenda
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    My parish has removed roughly 700 Gather II books from the pews and we are now printing weekly liturgy guides. Looking for any suggestions on the best place to send the other books? Just recycling? Any other ideas? I'm not imagining anyone will want them.
  • ServiamScores
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    You’d be surprised. Assuming your parish’s name isn’t stamped on the front, other churches might indeed want the hymnals if they aren’t too beat up. Some smaller churches have difficulty affording hymnals.

    At the bare minimum you might want to email the closest DOM’s in your area to see if they need extras if they already have some.
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  • If they were blessed (by a priest, with holy water) at some point, you would dispose of them as blessed objects.

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  • MNadalin
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    A (somewhat) local convent took about 500 of our old Gather Comprehensives when we replaced them. We set a few dozen on a table in the vestibule for parishioners to take if they wanted one - maybe 10 were taken.
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  • Richard R.
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    One parish has an established tradition of using old hymnals of a contemporary flavor to create the strepitus of Tenebrae, with all the young servers tasked to beat them on the pewback in the dark at the appropriate moment. Very dramatic, and a worthy repurposing, I think.
  • CharlesW
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    Our former pastor, when he arrived at the parish, led a procession to the dumpster with all carrying a few copies of "Glory & Praise." In they went and happiness reigned in the land - except for the folk mass musicians. They groused for years about their repertoire being destroyed.
  • davido
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    700 will be a heck of a bonfire. Buy a whole lot of marshmallows…
  • MNadalin,

    Why poison our convents with the wrong kind of prayer?
  • ServiamScores
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    If nothing else you could email the diocesan DOM and ask them to put the word out that they are available for the taking. I played for a little country parish that couldn’t afford the upfront costs of hymnals. They were stuck with disposable missals (which themselves aren’t all that cheap, I know). I can imagine similar churches benefiting from having something hard bound, even if you didn’t want to sing all of what’s inside. Missalettes don’t have very many hymns in the back, so if that’s all you’ve got you’re very limited.
  • Liam
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    Where I am, hardcover books cannot be put into recycling, but either go into trash or the book donation bin of the municipal public works department - that goes to a third party that sorts books for resale stream or destruction stream for reprocessing paper products.

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  • A reliquary is used to hold holy objects. What box do we use to keep unholy objects available for display but unable to harm?
  • Our parish had a ton of old Worship hymnals that were stored in our old office building. When the building got torn down, the altar boys at boot camp removed them and played shot put into the dumpster from about 25 yards away.
  • francis
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    An Aside:

    A good friend handed me a box of LUs which had been out of commission for decades. I distributed them to my choir a few months ago and they were ecstatic.
  • SponsaChristi
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    There is a traditional blessing of Bonfires for the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, which is June 23rd. I would say a good old fashioned book burning would be appropriate.
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  • MNadalin
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    Chris, they asked for them. Got them out of my hands.
  • Reval
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    If someone wanted them, I'd be tempted to razor out the most awful hymns.
    Also, in case someone does want to recycle books, it's possible to pull off the covers and recycle the pages.