Plans for Pentecost 2022
  • tomjaw
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    Here in England the Sunday Mass obligation will return... We had already planned to sing the complete cycle of the Byrd Propers (EF). Thanks to CPDL and David Fraser, oh and the parish photocopier we have started looking at these at our practice tonight.

    We wonder if anyone has done the complete cycle at Mass recently?

    Links below,
    Introit, Spiritus Domini (William Byrd)
    Time 4.31 (Chant 3.05-3.58)

    Alleluia, Emitte Spiritum tuum (William Byrd)
    Time 3.13 (Chant 2.00 + 2.47)

    Sequence, Veni Sancte Spiritus (William Byrd)
    Time 5.50 (Chant 3.00)

    Offertory, Confirma hoc Deus (William Byrd)
    Time 2.09 (Chant 1.40)

    Communion, Factus est repente (William Byrd)
    Time 1.44 (Chant 3.00)
  • I'm excited for you, Tom. I can't transplant to England, but I shall try to listen to these propers (and read them, since you provide the scores) and let them play in my head.

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  • opus2080
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    Entrance Come Holy Ghost
    Offertory Come Down O Love Divine
    Confirma Hoc Deus (Rheinburger)
    Source and Summit Communion Antiphon
    O Breathe on Me Oh Breath of God
    Regina Ceali
    Holy God We Praise Thy Name
  • 'How good and joyful a thing it is' to sing the music of William Byrd.
    Wish I could hear your song.
  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    Here is what the choir of St. Paul's Akron, Oh., is doing for Pentecost. OF. Ignatious Pew Missal

    Prelude: Holy Spirit, Gift of God

    Entrance: Come Holy Ghost (Lambillotte) Pew Missal #111
    Chant: Veni Creator Spiritus Pew Missal #272
    Kyrie: Community Mass (Proulx)
    Gloria: Community Mass (Proulx)
    Responsorial Psalm: as in the seasonal missalette S10
    Pent. Sequence: Holy Spirit, Lord of Light Pew Missal #157
    Gosp. Alleluia: Festival Alleluia Chepponis
    Offetory: Here, O My Lord

    Remaining Mass parts: Community Mass (Proulx)

    Communion: Veni Sancte Spiritus (Christoper Walker)

    Marion Antiphon: Regina Caeli Pew Missal #234
    Recessional: Come, Thou Almighty King Pew Missal #113
  • Burger?
  • tomjaw
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    Confirma Hoc Deus (Their burger)
    I suspect the curse of auto correct turned Josef Gabriel Rheinberger into the above.
  • Tom,

    I shall be interested to see if you're correct.
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Here is what the choir of St. Paul's Akron, Oh., is doing for Pentecost.

    And at their TLM (which I'm helping out at, which is the only reason I know)
    Lambillotte: Come Holy Ghost
    Chaumonot: Nunc Sancte nobis
    Mass I, Credo III
    Koenen: O panis angelorum
    Mozart/Ehret: Ave verum
    Frisina: Anima Christi
    Regina caeli (simple)

    Chez moi (St. Sebastian Akron)
    Come down,O Love divine.
    Mass I (with possibly a 2-voice Agnus by Lotti), Credo V
    Offertory: Confirma hoc Deus (Jef Tinel)
    Communion: I haven't a clue yet, and should find one STAT.
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  • Jeffrey,

    Try a two-part setting of Sicut Cervus (available at CPDL), or a three voice setting (I can send you).
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  • opus2080
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    Wow, gotta love autocorrect?!??

    Yes Rheinburger.
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    two-part setting of Sicut Cervus (available at CPDL)

    Which one? All I'm seeing there is the Ockeghem (which never occurred to me) in some obsolete display system, and de Muliis, from that Italian guy who refuses to edit music. And the Ockeghem Requiem on IMSLP was done by Italian Guy's brother. (Have I mentioned lately the lack of basic charity I have toward those who don't take the needs of amateurs into account?)

    I'm interested in your 3-part, though 3 is a stretch for us right now, esp. on short notice. We're probably going to do this men/women/organ boildown of a Palestrina Tantum that I did. But it puts me in mind to look for 2-3 voice settings of that text; surely there are some.
  • Ask, as the saying goes, and you shall receive.
  • tomjaw
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    We have started our celebration of Pentecost with the Vigil... 2 Ladies and 7 men in choir

    Prophecy 1 & 2: Prophecy tone
    TRACT: Cantemus (Chant from the Gradual Romanum 1924)
    Prophecy 3: Prophecy tone
    TRACT: Attende (Chant from the Gradual Romanum 1924)
    Prophecy 4: Melismatic tone
    TRACT: Vinea (Chant from the Gradual Romanum 1924)
    Prophecy 5 & 6: Prophecy tone
    TRACT: Sicut cervus / Sitivit Palestrina setting
    LITANY: Common tone
    KYRIE I ad lib.
    GLO. Byrd 3 part
    ALL.: Confitemini (Chant from the Gradual Romanum 1924)
    TRACT: Laudate Dominum (Chant from the Gradual Romanum 1924)
    OFF.: Emitte Spriritum (Chant from the Gradual Romanum 1924)
    OFF. Motet: Qui proceeds ab utroque (Former sequence)
    SAN. Byrd 3 part
    BEN. Byrd 3 part
    AGN. Byrd 3 part
    COM.: Ultimo festivitatis (Chant from the Gradual Romanum 1924)
    COM. Motet: Impleta gaudent viscera (Sarum Hymn)
    Marian Anthem: Regina Caeli Solemn tone

    A couple of our sopranos and an alto have been struck down... will post what we manage for Sunday Mass tomorrow! One of our young men sang Alto with the ladies today!
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  • ServiamScores
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    Rather than re-type it all here, here's the ordo and practice resources I assembled for my choir:
  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    We're doing Titcomb's "I Will Not Leave You Comfortless"
  • MatthewRoth
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    EVENTIDE for Pentecost? That's interesting enough that I wouldn't mind what some think is a mismatch, because I love the tune so much.
  • ServiamScores
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    It’s mostly an issue of a lovely text and needing a melody the congregation knows that has a matching meter [and would be appropriately meditative for communion]. tunes aren’t quite as common as many others, and my congregation doesn’t have a long-standing relationship with the traditional text that other congregations or denominations might have. Barring a few particulars like Joy to the world, Silent Night, and the like, I’m actually quite a fan of repurposing melodies for other texts. I think it’s only due to modern publishing that we’ve become so wedded to particular combinations. (Of course there have always been particular pairings, but it is interesting to peruse and see that many well-known tunes have multiple texts which are commonly set to them.)

    Irish, I wish I had thought of the Titecomb. We worked on it earlier this year and I totally forgot about it.
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    I just can't seem to weld "O Holy Spirit! now descend on me" to "Abide with me, fast falls the eventide." Maybe the paucity of 10 10. 10 10 tunes is why I made my own setting of "O Holy Spirit..." - bumped in another thread. The tune (MacKillop 10) is very singable.

    But there you are: Nobody seems to want to (or dare to?) try a new, singable tune to a text when there is a known tune whose mood does not fit the text.

    Why on earth do we waste our time trying to craft singable tunes that simply get ignored?

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  • Schönbergian
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    EVENTIDE is not a tune that I would ever associate with any text other than Abide with me, and it will always have that resonance for congregations.
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  • ServiamScores
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    Charles, I regularly put new tunes in front of my congregation (and sometimes hear about it). I have to pick my battles and not do it every single week. We had a new (literally) hymn tune just last week.

    As for the tune fitting the text, we will have to agree to disagree. Also, there is more to just a tune fitting a text; there is also a tune fitting a moment in the liturgy. I chose this over other options because it was gentle and appropriate for communion. Also, some texts can be featured/framed in more then one way, musically speaking, and work well in more than one context.

    Schönbergian, I never expected my choice to be to everyone’s taste. I’m perfectly comfortable with the fact that people have strong associations between tunes and text. I used to be more rigid in this regard myself, however I’ve found that there are many beautiful texts that deserve to be sung, and not all of them have good or well-known melodies. That necessitates using other tunes at times; there’s no way to get around it. The truth is, apart from bespoke pairings, there’s little to speak against the practice. Even plainchant regularly recycles melodies or at least certain cadences and whatnot.

    My choice was either choose a common (perhaps worn) hymn or sing what I thought was elegant poetry, perfect for the occasion, but with a co-opted melody. I obviously chose the latter for better or worse.
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    11am High Mass... We had split the music between the Latin Mass choir and a semi professional quintet run by the parish N.O. music director. His comment was that Byrd was hard, they did not manage to get the verses of the Introit or the Sequence learnt in time. We managed the Alleluia and Offertory but did not get the last page of the Communion... So the complete cycle of the Byrd Propers will wait till next year!

    Vidi Aquam: Chant
    Int. Spiritus Domini (William Byrd) Verse and Gloria Patri to chant
    Kyrie (Mass of St Caecilia, P. Tattersall)
    Gloria (Mass of St Caecilia, P. Tattersall)
    Alleluia, Emitte Spiritum tuum (William Byrd)
    Sequence, Veni Sancte Spiritus (Chant from the Graduale Romanum)
    Credo I
    Offertory, Confirma hoc Deus (William Byrd)
    Offertory motet. Hymn Veni Creator Spiritus
    Sanctus (Mass of St Caecilia, P. Tattersall)
    Benedictus (Mass of St Caecilia, P. Tattersall)
    Agnus (Mass of St Caecilia, P. Tattersall)
    Communion, Factus est repente (Chant from the Graduale Romanum)
    Communion motet. Hymn Beata nobis gaudia
    Domine Salvum fac (Exultate Deo arr. Henri de Villiers)
    National Anthem (This weekend we have a national celebration of the Queen's platinum jubilee)
    Regina Caeli. Franz Xaver Witt setting.

    N.B. P. Tattersall is the parish N.O. music director and his setting is a missa brevis, if we sing it again it will be after he writes a credo for it!
  • CatholicZ09
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    Processional: Come, Holy Ghost (Worship IV, #544)
    Gloria: C. T. Andrews
    Psalm: R. Proulx/J. Gelineau
    Sequence: Sequence for Pentecost, adapt. by R. Proulx
    Gospel Acclamation: O filii et filiae, adapt.
    Preparation: O Breathe on Me, O Breath of God (Worship IV, #914)
    Parts: A Community Mass, R. Proulx
    Agnus Dei: Chant Mass XVIII
    Communion: Filled with the Holy Spirit, N. Gouin
    Recessional: Creator Spirit, Lord of Love (LASST UNS ERFREUEN)
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  • PaxTecum
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    Procession: Come Holy Ghost
    Kyrie/Gloria: Heritage Mass
    Psalm: Sam Schmitt
    Sequence: Latin chant
    Alleluia: mode vi
    Offertory: Weber
    Offertory: Come Holy Ghost (gibbons)
    Sanctus/Agnus: Heritage Mass
    Communion: Weber
    Communion: Veni Creator Spiritus (josquin de prez)
    Retiring Procession: Come Down O Love Divine
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  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    St David of Wales, Richmond Calif.

    Come Holy Ghost (LAMBILLOTTE)
    Schubert: Deutsche Messe
    Holy Spirit Lord divine (VENI SANCTE)
    Ps. 104 (Guimont)
    Mozart: Veni Sancte Spiritus K.47 (at 8:00AM)
    Suddenly there came a sound (Am. Grad.); Veni Creator; Regina caeli
    God's blessing sends us forth (ST ELIZABETH)
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  • A holy and happy (and belated) Whitsuntide to all!
  • Presentation of the Lord Catholic Church
    Montgomery, Texas
    The Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter

    Solemn High Mass

    Propers - from The Saint Peter Gradual
    Ordinary - Mass for Our Lady of Walsingham, McDonough
    Prelude - Meditation on VENI CREATOR
    Processional Hymn - Veni Creator Spiritus, trad.
    Sprinkling Rite - Vidi Aquam, trad.
    Offertory Anthem - If Ye Love Me, Tallis
    Communion Hymn - Come Down, O Love Divine (DOWN AMPNEY)
    Communion Motet - I will not leave you comfortless, Titcomb
    Closing Hymn - Come Gracious Spirit (MENDON)
    Postlude: Sortie on VENI CREATOR