procession music for feast St. Anthony
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    My parish is going to process outside from one church to another carrying a statue of St. Anthony. Does anyone know of good chants for this occasion?
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    Do you have any limitations. Responsories are a bit weird in processions, but the Palm Sunday procession has chants that work well (they're technically antiphons, but they are long). We pray this prayer after Mass on Tuesdays. Here's the music. I'd recommend other office chants for St Anthony as well.
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  • davido
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    Maybe there’s something in the Graduale Romano-Seraphicum?
    A friend of mine had a neat book published by Desclee containing the mass and office for St Francis along with a bunch of other assorted Franciscan chants. I’d bet there are a bunch of medieval Franciscan chants for st Anthony as well
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    Right about that. There are three versions of the responsory Si quaeris miracula HERE. The second has always seemed fairly catchy. I would avoid the third, which is by Fr. Bruning that edited that book.

    An English translation is:

    If then you ask for miracles,
    Death, error, all calamities,
    The leprosy, and demons fly,
    And health succeeds infirmities.

    * The sea obeys, and fetters break,
    And lifeless limbs thou dost restore ;
    Whilst treasures lost are found again,
    When young or old thine aid implore.

    V. All dangers vanish at thy prayer,
    And direst need doth quickly flee ;
    Let those who know, thy power proclaim,
    Let Paduans say : These are of thee.

    * The sea obeys, and fetters break, etc.

    To Father, Son, may glory be
    And Holy Ghost eternally.

    * The sea obeys, and fetters break, etc.
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    I hope you can find this worthy of a processional, the plainsong is quite recent since 6/12/2020, but I cleaned it up a little. If you want to fix the formatting, PM me please and I can send you what I have used for source and summit.

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