Sing ye to the Lord (Ascension) - Charles H. Giffen
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    Recently, I prepared an English language version, "Sing ye to the Lord", of my 3-part setting of the Communion antiphon "Psallite Domino" for Ascension. The original setting was for SMzA voices, but transpositions were made for ATBar and TBarB voices, as well as an arrangement for SABar voices, in which the Mz part of the SMzA setting (which carries the GR cantus firmus) is transposed down an octave.

    Although this work is intended for 3-part a cappella voices, it is possible to have the S & A voices (of the SMzA & SABar versions) taken by flute (or oboe) and English horn (or French horn in F), with all voices singing the cantus firmus - or those parts could be sensitively played on appropriate organ registration).

    When used as an antiphon/motet only, say for post-communion, the structure should be Antiphon-Verse-Antiphon (one verse only). But it can also be used during the Communion procession with several verses provided in which one or two verses alternate with the Antiphon. The verses (as in my Latin version) are set to a 2-part harmonized Mode I psalm tone (although the second harmonizing part could be suppressed, if desired). As a motet/antiphon, the piece takes about three minutes to sing.

    The two voices other than the cantus firmus were composed as a kind of flowing, angelic/heavenly ornamentation of the cantus firmus melody.

    This English version (except for the language) is musically substantially the same as the original Latin "Psallite Domino" version. At some point in the near future, I expect to re-engrave the Latin version along the lines of the present English version.

    Attached are the SABar, SMzA, ATBar, and TBarB scores with accompanying sound files (the mp3 of the SABar version has flute & English horn playing the S & A parts). An instrument score is also included for the flute/oboe & English horn/French horn (the EHn/FHn scored as transposing instruments in F). Also attached is the antiphon melody with English text in 4-line square notes. Everything, including mp3 sound files and compressed MusicXML (.mxl) files should also be published at CDPL shortly.

    See this thread for the original "Psallite Domino" scores and a YouTube performance.

    Finally, on a personal note, I am an "Ascension" person at heart, and this is music from that heart.

    Comments or questions welcome.
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    Thank you so much for these wonderful settings. My choir will sing them soon. Your music has always been well received by them.
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    *bumping* for Ascension
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