To Credo or not to Credo
  • Hello,

    I should know this, but I have forgotten... do we sing both Gloria and CREDO for Feast of the BVM the Queen on May 31, 2022, a Tuesday? I know we sing Gloria, but do we CREDO?

    Also, is T.P. Alleluia sung after verses, and is the Gradual/Alleluia for Paschal time sung because it is after Easter and before Pentecost?

    Thank you for your help as always!

  • Caleferink
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    IIRC, the feast in question is a 2nd class feast, which calls for both the Gloria and Credo. Also, since it will still be Eastertime, Alleluia is added to the antiphons and Alleluia I should replace the Gradual.

    If I'm incorrect on either of these, someone please correct me.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    That is correct. 2nd class feasts of Our Lord or Our Lady have a Credo, other 2nd class feasts do not.
  • MatthewRoth
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    It's more like that the Gradual is omitted, the Alleluia is sung, followed by the special one for Paschaltide, but in the following manner.
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