Master Vespers Booklet with Latin Antiphons and English Psalms?
  • Looking for something like this:
    But with English psalms instead of the Latin, for the Novus Ordo. We'll be starting regular Sunday Vespers soon (fingers crossed! Pastor said he'd do it but it's a matter of timing and resources right now) and I'd like to give something to the people that'll be a little easier on them as opposed to throwing them into the Usus Antiquior or the NO but fully in Latin.
    Thanks in advance.
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  • a_f_hawkins
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    That looks very complicated for a congregational book. At the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps, there was this Evening Prayerbook :-
    Out of print, designed to be easy to use. There seem to be plenty of copies about if you Google "ISBN 10: 0974174807" .
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  • I would contact Father Samuel Weber, OSB. He would probably be able to help you best.
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  • rich_enough
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    You may find this discussion on the Forum helpful. Aaron Williams (a seminarian at the time, now a priest of the diocese of Jackson, MS) introduces a draft he put together of "the offices of second vespers for all the Sundays of the academic year along with first and second vespers and compline for memorials, feasts, and solemnities which are significant during the school year" - all in English.

    The discussion about setting English to psalm tones (toward the bottom of the page) I also found quite enlightening.

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  • Bri
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    I believe the Evening Prayer book a_f_hawkins refers to can be purchased through the St. Thomas More House of Prayer (located in western Pennsylvania):

    I signed up for the St. Thomas More mailing list, and they kindly sent a free copy Night Prayer to me. My mom has a copy of the Evening Prayer book. Both are very nice and easy to follow.
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