New music: Ave maris Stella
  • I' m giving it for free use. I am asking for comments
  • Here is the score.
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  • Just read through it. Thoughtful vocal lines seem quite singable, with a very interesting set of harmonic colors that seem to benefit from the very slow tempo indicated. Crunchy minor seconds, yes!

    I am a huge fan of the Amen, tho wonder if an added second to the final open fifth, maybe in the alto, wouldn’t add to the lingering quality that seems intended.

    There are moments, e.g. 2nd system of p. 1 where I wonder if contrary motion could not have been preserved between the outer voices.

    My favorite thing is probably the things that look like V64s that only resolve to the iii, e.g. at the end of m.4.

    That’s it for my cursory look... thank you for sharing!
  • Thank You, Mr for your interesting and good suggestions
  • Very interesting piece. I'm struck by the number of parallel 4ths and 5th, and unisons, and presume that they're intentional, not merely a consequence of the compositional ideas themselves.

    It seems your intention was to take the ideas of, say, Herbert Howells, Maurice Durufle, and perhaps William Walton or Healy Willan and extract elements of each in your writing.

  • thanks for Your interesting and friendly opinion
  • Very nice!

    I wonder if you might consider making a version of this for SATB without divisi, to make it more practical for small choirs. It would obviously sound a little different and less lush, and it would not replace what you currently have. But I tried playing it this way, removing the 5th or 6th voice at times and there always seemed a way to make the piece work.
  • it's a very good hint, I'll try to follow it