EF Wedding During Octave of Christmas- Which Mass Propers?
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    A bride sent me an email looking for music selection hell for wedding in the EF during the Octave of Christmas. She has the Nuptial Mass propers listed, but my spidey senses told me to confirm that since it’s within the Octave of Christmas. Octave days are 2nd Class feasts and the Nuptial Mass is a Votive Mass. Can someone confirm which Mass is used on weddings during the Christmas Octave?
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    If it's this Christmas, call the priest to determine which Mass he's planning to say.

    Weddings are votives ("of bride and bridgroom") of the 2nd Class, and according to RGMR 341 they "may be celebrated on all liturgical days of the 2nd , 3rd and 4th class", with an exception that the votive wedding Masses is prohibited on all Sundays.
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  • The Nuptial Mass with Creed added per rubric 475d:
    After the gospel or after the homily, the creed is said: d) throughout the octaves of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost even on the occurring feasts and in votive Masses
    I believe the collect, secret, and postcommunion of the day are also commemorated, but I'm not positive about that.