Source for tune SAWSTON
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    I've been researching the melody for the hymn Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All found in Faber's Oratory Hymns, 1854 and later Oratory Hymns and Tunes 1860. The text of the hymn was written by Faber around 1848/49. This melody is also used for Faith of Our Fathers and sometimes the tune name is given as SAWSTON. I think you are all familiar with this tune. I was curious as to the origins of this melody.

    In J. Vincent Higginson's (Cyr de Brant) Handbook for American Catholic Hymnals, he indicates that the source of the melody was found by William Grattan Flood who traced it to a collection of Lieder by Erk which names Joseph Miehl as the composer. I found a collection of the Lieder on IMSLP and the melody in volume 2 for the song Endzweck der Schopfung #65, which indicates a melody by Miehl from 1784.

    I also found an article by William G. Flood captioned Faber and First Oratory Hymn Book in an edition of The American Ecclesiastical Review - May 1914. It's a very interesting review of Faber's hymn book which begins on page 527 of the book. Of particular interest is the review located on page 534, No. 17. The Blessed Sacrament, which gives a snippet of this melody. Mr. Flood indicates that the melody used in Faber's hymn book is a adaptation to the melody by Miehl. I don't know if this is the same article that Mr. Higginson refers to in his hand book but it seems to confirms what he wrote.

    I am interested if anyone on the forum had information on the source for the tune SAWSTON besides what I have indicated?
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    I am sure we have had this discussion before...