Josquin des Prez - Ave Maria ... Virgo serena
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    It is not quite 2 months since the 500th anniversary of Josquin's death (27 August 1521), and the incredible vocal ensemble Stile Antico has recorded a memorial album of many of Josquin's finest pieces. Perhaps the most beautiful SATB a cappella work ever has been performed to unequaled perfection in their recording/video of his Ave Maria ... Virgo serena. This is a piece that has been ingrained in my heart forever since first singing it many times (as well as recording it) with Zephyrus (beginning more than a quarter century ago).

    Attached is my edition (also available at CPDL) so that you can follow along with the performance video. Interestingly enough, you'll find the page turns of this edition from each odd numbered page to the next even numbered page coincide with the page turns of the singers (you can probably guess why!).

  • This is indeed such a lovely piece of music. It's a shame the ranges are quite wide. It goes too high for my choir, but if you transposed it down the basses would bottom out. This is really reserved for expert choirs. Excellent performance in your link, btw.
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    I recommend (plug) this version by the five voices of His Majesty's Men, performing at St John Cantius, Chicago.