Position Available January 2022: Choirmaster and Director of Music_Albany, NY
  • The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany, New York, is seeking a full-time Cathedral Choirmaster and Director of Music (“Director”).

    Duties include the planning, coordination, and direction of sacred music for all liturgical and paraliturgical events at the Cathedral, within the parish network, and at other designated diocesan locations. The Director would be expected to assist diligently in maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved in the Cathedral’s music program. A full job description will be given to finalists.

    The organizational structure includes differentiated musical specialization (separate Choirmaster and Organist), as well as the hierarchical delegation of administrative duties (separate Director and Associate Director of Music). The Director would have the immediate opportunity to oversee the hiring of a new Cathedral Organist and Associate Director of Music (position currently vacant) and would share administrative duties with the Associate and other music support staff.

    Applicants should be conductors of extensive experience and training, particularly with chorister training. On-site rehearsal should demonstrate the ability to work with choristers of all ages and skill-levels, as well as facilitating a safe, welcoming, and productive ensemble atmosphere. The Director will be tasked, in particular, with the continued development and implementation of the Choir School; thus, the competitive candidate will have demonstrated success in choral/vocal pedagogy, as well as the robust energy to recruit and audition new choristers of all ages. The Cathedral Choir welcomes adult professional and volunteer singers, all following a successful audition. The Cathedral Choir (children and adults together) serves as the core choir for diocesan events, when additional choir members are invited to join from parishes through the Diocese. The successful candidate will flourish working in an intergenerational environment, with choristers ranging from Grades K-12 and adults. The Choirmaster should also possess service playing abilities at the level of the AGO Service Playing certification, NPM Basic Organ Certificate, or equivalent. The Choirmaster should be capable of rehearsing from the piano or organ. The Director may also participate in the professional cantor rotation for non-choral liturgies, as needed. Composition skills are also a plus. Specific details on the audition process will be given to finalists.

    This position works collaboratively with, yet reports to, the Rector of the Cathedral, and to the Director of the Diocesan Office of Prayer and Worship in matters related to the diocesan events. The shared vision is to implement a program of liturgical music in accord with sound Catholic doctrine on sacred liturgy and music. Specifically, the music program at the Cathedral is based on substantial choral and organ repertoire, English plainsong, Gregorian chant, and some hymnody. In addition, the Cathedral’s music program is essentially geared towards the formation of children. The Director will be called upon to participate in formational programming related to liturgy and music, and thus should give clear personal witness to the Catholic nature and mission of the music program.

    The Director should be a practicing Catholic in good standing; possess and demonstrate clear knowledge of sound Catholic doctrine on sacred liturgy and music; reflect the values and teachings of the Catholic Church; and comply with Diocesan Codes of Conduct. Passing a background screening and check, as well as completion of the Diocesan Safe Environment requirements are necessary for this position.

    The Director supervises all staff and volunteers involved in the music program.

    The Director serves as an ex officio member of the Diocesan Liturgical Commission; ex officio Chair of the Diocesan Music Sub-Committee; and an ex officio member of the Rites and General Formation Sub-Committee.

    The Director promotes collegiality among musicians throughout the Diocese of Albany and serves as principal ambassador of sacred music.

    The position is available in January 2022 and will remain open until filled.

    To learn more about the Cathedral’s music program, please visit www.cathedralic.com.

    This position offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits in accord with Diocesan Human Resources policies. Financial support for continuing education and membership in professional organizations is available.

    Please send—in hard copy format—a cover letter, résumé or CV, and at least three professional references to the Rector of the Cathedral:

    The Very Reverend Anthony F. Ligato
    c/o Joan Meyer
    Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
    125 Eagle Street
    Albany, NY 12202
    N.B. Supplemental information and recordings are welcome, but are entirely optional.

    Please send all materials in hard copy format. Applicants may submit a set materials via e-mail in addition to but not instead of the posted set. E-mail correspondence may be directed to Ms. Joan Meyer, Interim Music Administrator, at joan.meyer@rcda.org

    The application window closes on November 8th, and all applicants will be contacted by November 12th.
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