Melody for the Antiphon "Gloriosa dicta sunt de te"
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    Does anyone have the melody for this antiphon? It's on the OCO 2015, p 229, on the Office of Readings for the Immaculate Conception. The source is "ex traditione cantus «veteris romana»". Full text is "Gloriosa dicta sunt de te, cuius fundamenta in montibus sanctis, civitas sancta."

    Thank you for your help.
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    The piece is in mode 6f; the melody is this:
    (c4)Glo(f)ri(g)ó(fgwh)sa(h) di(ixi)cta(ih) sunt(gh~) de(gf) te,(f) (;) cu(f)ius(f) fun(f)da(f)mén(g>)ta(f) in(f) món(g>)ti(f)bus(f) san(ixfhivHG~)ctis(hg) ,(,) cí(ffddoc)vi(ixfgwhi)tas(gh) san(f)cta.(f) (::) E(h) u(h) o(f) u(gh) a(g) e.(f) (::)
    It's on folio 227v of a manuscript from Florence. The transcription is due to Frans Kok.
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    As always, such a champion. Thanks @joerg!