The OLD Te Joseph celebrent
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    I've just encountered a second tune for Te Joseph celebrent, besides the one on p. 1447 of LU '62. This one shows up in Medicaean/Pustet chant books, as well as some late-19th c. hymnals, where it's awkwardly set to an English translation in pentameter as well as to the Latin. It can be found here on p. 109 of the pdf (199 of the print). Already in Dom Pothier's 1891 Antiphonale, we have the modern tune. So, when and why did the modern tune start showing up in chant books? And is there anywhere a Solesmes version?
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  • tomjaw
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    From Liber Antiphonarius 1891, Note the slight difference also found in the L.U. 1910image

    From Antiphonarium (Dominican) 1933 3 different melodiesimage
    The Ambrosian Rite does not use this Hymn, and the Carmelite supplement does not have this Hymn but uses the L.U. melody for another Hymn. The Franciscans use the same melody as L.U.
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    Is this the Solesmes version?
    No. 54.

    I also attach a modern note version.

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    @tomjaw, et al.

    Thank you for mentioning the melodies from the Dominican antiphonal. Here's a recording of the Blackfriars at Oxford ("Godzdogz") singing the second melody:
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    @Felicia I prefer the second Dominican melody rather than the first, it is also used for Sacris Solemnis, and Sanctorum meritis in the Dominican Antiphonal.
  • Tomjaw, when you say "Liber Usualis 1910" are you saying you have an actual copy of the Liber Usualis from 1910? How can that be, since the Antiphonarius didn't appear until 1912?
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    Yes, an actual copy Liber Usualis (editio altera) 1910 ed. No. 700 Desclee etc.

    A number of editions of the L.U. appeared before 1912, usually they had both chant notation and modern notation editions. The arrangement of the book and contents varied. Mine has the Kyriale, Propers for Sundays and Feasts, commons but only Vespers for major Feasts.
  • …but how is it possible that you have a Liber Usualis with Vespers when that was not released until 1912 (some sources say 1913) ?
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    A long list of sources can be found on this site. Some are available in accessible forms, but not the LU tomjaw mentions which was for sale on eBay.
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    Here, image
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  • What do the sections from the Antiphonale look like?