Hymn text: "O Queen of Sorrows, Weeping Rose"
  • Grace and peace, everyone.

    Here's a text of mine especially suitable for the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. I've set it to REPTON. You can hear it performed (for the Feast of the Assumption) at this link; start from about the 7:15 mark.


    1. O Queen of sorrows, weeping Rose
    That blooms at Heaven's door,
    How steadily your sadness grows
    When we, your children, dare oppose
    The God whom once You bore
    And wound you more and more.

    2. O sinless Mary, humble maid
    And good St. Joseph's bride,
    When eager souls for silver trade
    These minds and bodies God has made,
    Your Son, who willing died,
    Anew is crucified.

    3. O Theotokos, bearing God
    In lonely cattle-stall,
    The unborn innocents we trod
    In silence, now with angels laud
    Their Friend and Lord of all,
    Defender of the small.

    4. O Sov'reign Lady, Wisdom high,
    Whose head with stars is crowned,
    In word and deed we would deny
    Our family beneath the sky,
    The seat of God, Who found
    In Eden welcome ground.

    5. O holy Mother, throned above,
    We seek You nonetheless;
    Help us to listen and to love,
    To be obedient servants of
    Our Jesus, and to bless
    The God Whom we confess.

    6. Hail Mary, spotless Bloom that grows
    Entwined at Heaven's door;
    We pray to You, O sumptuous Rose,
    To see the day the whole world knows
    And loves the God You bore,
    That You might weep no more.

    (c) 2020 Anna Bendiksen
  • ServiamScores
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    Stunning. Simply stunning.
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Splendid text, Anna. Inspired imagery, indeed.
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  • Thank you so much. That means a great deal.

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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Anna's "O Queen of Sorrows, Weeping Rose" has led me to compose a new hymn tune, REGINA DOLORUM (86. 88. 66), for her text. Many thanks to Anna for being the inspiration for this music.

    N.B. Corrected files uploaded (thrice! - to correct wrong notes and, lastly, to fix the final cadence in the TB parts).

    Note, July 2: These files are obsolete. New ones uploaded further down the thread.
  • @CHGiffen --- wow!! How beautiful. Thank you so much---I'm deeply honored!

    (I especially like the alto line.)
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Thanks, Anna. And I just uploaded a final(!?) fix (improving the final cadence).

    And here is the same thing transposed up a minor third to F-major, suitable for use as a piece by the choir).

    Note, July 2: These files are obsolete. New ones uploaded further down this thread.
  • Beautiful text, and a good fit with "Repton". Sir Parry would be proud.
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  • francis
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    wow, Anna... that is just amazing.

    I was inspired to compose a chorale (which is like a hymn, but the harmonic texture is more contrapuntal), and really strove to capture the ethos of Our Lady's deep sorrow in the words you wonderfully expressed.
  • francis, that is very beautiful---heartrending. I'm moved that you chose to use my text.
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  • francis
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    Your text drives composers to WANT to compose... (CHG is also proof) that it embodies inspiration and prophetic call. It is quite a heart rending text to boot! One of the most delicate in sorrow I have ever come upon wrapped in poetry. Congrats! I should like to include this in my new hymnal and go against my rule of solely PD selections.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    I have made some revisions in the harmonization and also have set the tempo much slower (quarter = c. 48), since the original tempo was a default that I forgot to change. The changes make for a more stately, solemn chorale-like sound. Both the D-major and F-major hymnal scores are attached.

    Edit: July 14, 2021. A few more changes, improving the flow of the harmony voices, as well as shifting penultimate syllables of the last three lines to an eighth note (in place of the previous placement on two eighths).

    New scores & sound files uploaded 2021-07-21.
  • Heath
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    Francis and Chuck wrote some lovely settings...but oooh, it sounds GREAT with REPTON! (a very underrated melody)

    Well done, Anna!
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    I just updated my setting above.
  • francis
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    CHG... that is very stately and solemn... bravo.
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  • Bumping as the month of Our Lady of Sorrows draws near.
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  • davido
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    As Heath suggested above, "O Queen of sorrows, weeping Rose" set to REPTON
  • Excellent combo!
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  • francis
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    Wow Anna… your text is stunning… I readily see your heart so devoted.
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  • kevinfkevinf
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    A most stunning text and some great settings here. Do I need permission to use the text? If so, please message me.
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    *Bumping* for today's feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.
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