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    I have recently stumbled on to some solemn evensongs, solemn matins, and solemn masses taking place at St Michaels' Choir School in Toronto. These under the auspices of the Anglicanorum Caetibus Society. What light can some of our Canadian Forum members shed on St Michael's Choir School. A choir school this side of the Atlantic is a rarity indeed. There may be two or three in the US. Who can speak for Canada? The Anglicanorum Caetibus Society liturgies may be seen on youtube. There are also tutorials about the history of the Ordinariates.
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    I will hold my tongue on the Choir School, but the Anglicanorum Caetibus Society is not really affiliated with them to my knowledge.
  • The AC Society is not affiliated in any way with the Choir School.

    I had the privilege to sing at all three of the liturgies. Singing with different conductors than what I had been exposed to at the school was a great refreshment.

    As I've said before, the boys continue to want to sing. Today, in fact, my Schola (made up of some of my friends from the CS) will be singing a TLM wedding. I will try to make some recordings and post them.
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    I have noticed that all basillicas have an umbrella somewhere in the church, and that their coat of arms also bears such. What is the meaning or purpose of them? I've never found them particularly elegant, just sort of 'what that umbrella doing there doing there?'.
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    "a sort of umbrella which together with the bell is carried processionally at the head of the clergy on state occasions."
    From a papal affectation of the 15th century, and thereafter, of having a big umbrella (sunshade) held over him in outdoor processions. One is bestowed on minor basilicas, in case the pope should visit and forget to bring his own. But perhaps 'the time for flummery is passed'.
  • M. Jackson Osborn
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