DOWN AMPNEY organ reharm + descant
  • It's been fun to see the uptick in discussion of hymn (re)harmonization! It's something I've dabbled in over the past couple of years, and it's great fun. I'm no expert, but I'll gladly share some of mine here if people find them useful and/or interesting. Mine tend to be of the "unison + descant + crunchy organ harmonization" sort. Attached is a last verse harm + descant for DOWN AMPNEY. I'll have to work on writing my others out in a readable form (I think I've scribbled out HYFRYDOL, CRUCIFER, NUN DANKET, LOBE DEN HERREN, LASST UNS ERFREUEN, and ELLACOMBE; maybe some others?).

    Recording of the DOWN AMPNEY (I sang the descant in the tenor range, not having a soprano to hand at the time of recording...):
  • ContraBombarde,

    Does the original text say "makes a dwelling" or "makes his dwelling"?
  • I suspect the original is "makes His dwelling." I was working from the score I've always sung from (at a TLM parish, no less!) which said "a dwelling," so I rolled with that. But probably His.
  • This is really nice, quite nice, very quite nice.
    I question the tremolo, however.
    I get your intended connexion to 'yearning', but think it's a little melodramatic, if not theatrical..
    I would settle for a pedal point.
    Others may disagree.
    At any rate, it's beautifully conceived.
    (And, 'makes HIS dwelling' is correct.)
  • ContraBombarde,

    I'm impressed with what you've written. Compare (as paltry) what I've just provided on another thread for a reharmonization. Good job.

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  • I remember when this was originally posted on YouTube and I was so disappointed because it was after Pentecost so I couldn't use it for then! But it's lovely and I like your other works as well (especially O Glorious Maid Exalted Far).
    One hymn I've never heard a reharm for is Immaculate Mary which I think could use something in your style to spice it up.