How many people can we get to harmonize a hymn tune?
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    OK, I'll help Mr. Giffen crowdsource his harmonization :-)
    If you're persnickety about direct intervals in outer voices, this probably isn't for you.
    The middle phrase is a little bland. Originally the bass line in m.5 ended B-C#, but the direct motion to a doubled 3rd offended my ear. I tried having the alto sing an A in the final chord, but I've never liked that voice-leading gambit, and the Eb makes it even worse.

    Salieri, didn't you change the melody at the end of m.7?
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  • SalieriSalieri
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    JQ: If I did, it wasn't on porpoise.
  • TCJ
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    I'll make an attempt at this sooner or later. JQ snatched a few ideas from me, so I'll have to go another route. Maybe I shouldn't look at anyone's harmonization until I've done mine.
  • francis
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    I thought I would demonstrate how I compose a four part harmonization with this post. First I add the figured bass. (figured bass is now dictating harmonic structure). Then I add the alto. The SAB needs to contain a complete harmony in itself and must stand artistically on its own merit. The SATB just adds color to existing SAB. Forgive me Charles... I adjusted the melody so that it artistically fit to a two and three part counterpoint excersize. I believe the SATB holds your melody in tact.
  • Here's mine, in PDF format and as a MIDI file. [I've cleaned up the PDF, so the new files correspond to each other. I finished, in the end, with a c-natural on the 2nd beat (in the bass) and an open chord at the end.]
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  • SalieriSalieri
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    Here is an updated version with the melody in bar 7 corrected.
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  • LauraKaz
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    Glad that I finally got around to doing this! It took a bit longer than I was expecting, but I enjoy the result.
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