A "live streamed Mass" recorded back on Friday???
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    G'day All,

    Update, I am working at a new job, AND I LOVE IT!

    In Vic we are back in severe lockdown (only a handful of reasons to leave home and a set radius of distance one can travel from home for those reasons.)
    So, work is good but they just hired a media presenter who has sent the directors of music a strange email stating that we basically have to be available on Friday for Sunday mass or else find someone else to perform the music program. (This on just 38 hours notice - he plays guitar so it would suit him if we couldn't be available...) Problem is we both have separate weekday jobs (which have intensified over the lockdown.)

    I see a few problems:
    1. The directive isn't from the pastors directly
    2. Sunday mass on a Friday? We'll be treating Friday like a solemnity how does that work canonically?
    3. The words "live stream" simply can't apply to what we are doing. It's a farce.
    4. How much editing does a video of mass require? I did mass from my phone on the spot with no editing and it ran smoothly.

    Penny for your thoughts.

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  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    Sounds like the priest hired a Napoleon wanna be.
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    I know of a parish in California that during the intensive lockdown recorded the praise band performing each piece of music for Sunday Mass during the week ahead of time, autotuned it and added artificial reverb, then the recorded video files were played and inserted into the live video stream at the appropriate times during the celebration of Mass on Sunday.

    Does the directive say that Sunday Mass will be celebrated on Friday in anticipation, or are you interpreting it that way? Maybe it's just the music that will be recorded on Friday to be inserted into the live video stream when Mass is celebrated on Sunday.
  • JesJes
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    The directive is same as last week but on a Friday instead of Sunday.
    The entire Sunday mass will be said this Friday. TBH I'd have less objection if the Corpus Christi mass was said on Thursday when the EF feast is but a Friday seems odd to me.

    Last week we did mass on Saturday but that kinda worked like a vigil mass.

    This is not electric guitars either. We will sing the sequence, chant propers, everything will be liturgically Sunday.
  • Jes,

    My advice: skip the intermediate steps and ask the pastor directly what authority this man has to push you (all) around, and explain that (as far as you can tell) he is denigrating the pastor's authority by giving illogical, irrational diktats.
  • CharlesW
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    Ask the pastor. If in doubt, ask the pastor.
  • At the end of the day, you can’t say Sunday Mass on a different day liturgical speaking (with the exception of votive Masses). You also can’t do “pretend Sunday Mass” on a different day. This isn’t allowed. End of story.
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    It is horribly disingenuous to those who watch from home to trick them into thinking that they are attending a live mass when they aren't. If I was on my knees at home uniting my heart to the Sacrifice as I believed it to be happening, only to find out later that no such consecration took place, I'd be furious and probably end my relationship with that parish immediately. Then again, I do wonder—at this point—how many people are still relying on livestreams now that life is returning to normal.

    Mass isn't supposed to be a movie, which is what it would become if you aren't streaming it live. It's one think to present a special mass later clearly marked as a replay. It's quite another to pretend it's a livestream when it isn't. The latter is definitely not OK.

    As a final aside: if your parish is capable of doing this whole production in advance, it seems to me there's no reason it can't just turn the cameras on live instead.
  • "be available on Friday for Sunday Mass" just about says it all.
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  • A lot of pastors don't like being read the rules, but you may find these guidelines good to know.
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    Several years ago I assisted at a couple of Masses that were being pre-recorded for TV for the homebound in the chapel of the diocesan cathedral. I don't remember exactly when we recorded, but the first Mass we did was for the Second Sunday of Easter, and then after a short break did the Mass for the Fifth Sunday of Lent. It was rather awkward.
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    "In order to reflect the integrity of the liturgical year, a pre-recorded liturgy should be taped on a date as close as possible to the date of the actual telecast."

    Words, words.
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    @serviamscores this was exactly something I worried about. I seem to find it deceptive.

    We are relying on livestreams because we are in severe lockdown again. 5 reasons to leave home. Food, exercise (within the 5km radius), medical care giving, medical care getting, essential workers. These lockdowns happen until the state has zero new cases to report for a string of days. For a long time one may (if they live alone) see their intimate partner (defined by intercourse) but couldn't make a bubble buddy within a chaste friendship/relationship. That has at least changed. We also used to have a night curfew.

    Melbourne had this type of lockdown for 6 months last year. We are hoping that this winter our politicians aren't so hard on the lockdown situation.

    On the positive it's kept us safe on the negative it has not helps us to stay sane.

    I am very blessed that streaming masses is considered essential work and that being a supervising teacher in schools is essential work because otherwise I would simply never see another other human ever and hear the drip drip of the tap and tick tick of the clock all day. I'm someone who likes space from people too.

    This lockdown is shorter we hope but the thought of it has still been rather hard for Melbournites.
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    "then the recorded video files were played and inserted into the live video stream at the appropriate times during the celebration of Mass on Sunday"
    ...as background music? What happened to no pre-recorded music being allowed during Mass? I don't care if it is only being pumped into the live-stream, and not into the church proper. It's either during Mass or it is not, and if a band is allowed to meet to record, why can't they meet to play live?

    A community orchestra I play with wanted to record something for Independence Day last year, and when our individual recordings to the recorded conductor's video apparently didn't work out, we were asked if some of us could meet in person to record the piece... and then it was presented as a compilation of our individual recordings, anyway.
    Would the audience care? Some probably would. A musician would.
    Disingenuous? Yeah, to say the least...
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