Preparing for a future funeral in WI
  • donr
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    I know there are a few of you in WI in this group.
    I am trying to prepare for an inevitable funeral. As some of you know I live in Arizona.

    The funeral, when it happens will be in Stevens Point.

    It would be very nice if I could put together a small choir (6-8) and an organist and/or director who will be willing to travel up there for the day and help out.

    I am willing to pay everyone. there normal fees plus travel expenses.

    PM me if you or any of your choir members are interested.

    It could be weeks or months, I don't really know. I just want to be prepared.
  • EF or OF?
  • donr
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    Chris it would be OF. But if I have anything to do with the music, which I am working on now. It will have more traditional music at least.
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  • vansensei
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    It would only be 3 hours from Minneapolis. I'm interested. Have you reached out to any members of the UWSP choirs that are from the area?