Polyphony: 20th-21st Centuries, Noteworthy Motets
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    I think the best way to get the document is to right click the link and save the file, rather than just click the link to open it. The manner in which I needed to insert graphics of the musical examples and scores made the file huge - around 91MB.

    But, please, if anybody is still having trouble, let me know and I will extract the text-only catalog from my original Word file and upload directly to the forum.
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    I can attest to the charms of the Javier Busto AVE MARIA. A Sydney choir to which I formerly belonged achieved substantial success when performing it.
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    Pablos Casals' Nigra sum for three-part women's voices is exquisite. Highly recommended.
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    Flor Peeters' Ave Maria. Church-choir do-able, lovely, was a CMAA work-piece (at Christendom College) several years ago.
  • If Ye Love Me - Philip Wilby 1949-

    Jannette Fishell, Director
    Tom Foster, Organist

    Sewanee Church Music Conference 2009
  • Dr. Giffen might now know why I flipped over his "Orphaned" motet....

    Don't forget the tragic German Lutheran, Hugo Distler, of which his "Fuhrwahr, er trug unsre Krankheit. Anhang: Wacht auf, es tut euch not " (along with Wachet auf...) is part of the nine piece "Geistliche Kormusick" cycle.
  • I am continually impressed with the works of Parry and others...Wilby as well, in creating emotional works in English that carry a sacred air about them without becoming broadway show tunes, a real separation of sacred and secular writing. While these works are more "melodic" then polyphonic, they do not stray from the path of being sacred.