Ferial Antiphons for Office of Readings OCO 2015
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    So on the OCO, for the time "Usque ad Ascensionem Domini", the ferial antiphons for the Office of Readings have the rubric "Psalmi cum Alleluia, (in tonis diversis)"

    So, is each psalm has its own antiphon or is one antiphon used for all three psalms?

    Are those antiphons the antiphons for ferias of Ordinary time but ending with "Alleluia"?
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    Good questions! It isn't entirely clear for me either, but my first guess is that each psalm has its own Alleluia.
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    Usually one would chant consecutive psalms under one Alleluia-antiphon. This means for the Office of Readings all three psalms with one antiphon -- chanted only before the first psalm and after the last one. For Lauds this means First psalm with Alleluia, Canticum with proper antiphon, Second psalm with different Alleluia. For Vespers it means First and Second psalm under one Alleluia, canticum with proper antiphon.
    But this is all "ad libitum", you can also use an antiphon for each psalm. Les Heures Gregoriennes does so. They have different Alleluias for the psalms at Vespers.

    The "antiphonae alleluiaticae" have no text but "Alleluia" (usually three times or four times)
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