Sharing my joy • little scholas can do great things
  • ServiamScores
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    Hi all,
    I just wanted to share my joy with you all and state how proud I am of my little choir. We are currently about 10-11 on any given day, and they are all untrained voices. While c**** has hit many places hard (like our parish finances) musically it has turned out to be a blessing for our parish. We were able to take the opportunity to transition to full propers most of the time which has been great. We have also retired our hymnals which often feel long in the tooth. Sadly, I lost about 5 choir members from what was already a small choir, but the group who stuck around were in it because they truly love it and love God, and we've grown incredibly close this past year and really started developing a cohesive sound. I've pushed them hard and put many, many motets in front of them and they are really starting to find their stride chanting, singing in Latin, doing anglican-style responsorial psalms and much more.

    Yesterday I received an email from my pastor thanking us for the music for Palm Sunday. He said it was truly "exquisite" and that he doubted any other parish in the diocese had such nice sounding music this week. I take this as a particular complement as my pastor is quite erudite, was trained in Rome, used to sing in scholas there and has even had formal organ lessons, so he knows muuuuuch more about music in general and chant & organ than a typical pastor. He also told me that a few weeks ago he played a snippet of our live stream for a few priest friends and they couldn't believe that it was actually our parish choir. He smiled as he assured them that yes, this really was Saint John's.

    One of the pieces we sang this week was Menegali's Jesu Salvator Mundi. I went back and listened to the livestream and this was the result. Again, we are small, our mic'ing situation is not ideal, and our group isn't technically balanced in terms of voice allotment. Nevertheless, I present with great pride the recording of our schola to you. This is proof that even small, modest, small-town parishes can accomplish great things. (There is some minor editing on this recording to reduce noise and add just a touch of reverb to make it sound like it does in real life vs. the dryness of the livestream.) I'm also attaching the score in case it is new to anyone and they'd like to use it too.
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    I love that piece. It, in itself, is exquisite.
    Many times, when there might only be 2 of us singing at a Mass, we will sing (from the SSA score) the first 2 parts, switching who sings which on the repeat, just because the slightest voice change can still make such a difference. Just a beautifully profound piece of music.

    Congrats on your Palm Sunday well done.
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    That little group makes a very beautiful and musical noise. How fortunate you are that CoronaChan didn't take everything from you.
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    What a lovely sound - and from a small ensemble! Congratulations!!
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  • ServiamScores
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    We are indeed very blessed.
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    It's fabulous!
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    That's some very fine work you've done there! Not easy to coax that kind of singing out of untrained volunteers! Huzzah!
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  • jcr
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    Very nice! People who can produce such beautifully nuanced and expressive singing should be encouraged. Delighted to hear this. This music is so gorgeous and needs to be heard. Thank you for sharing it.
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  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    Fine work, Serviam.
    There are 'advanced' choirs who could but wish to produce such singing -
    and with apparent heartfelt dedication to the Church and to your leadership.
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    Your little choir sounds amazing. Good work.
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