St. Mark Passion Musical Setting - Neumatic Notation and Planctus Tone
  • Hi all,

    I've typeset this year's Palm Sunday passion and it's available here.

    Good Friday is available here.

    Both are in English and use the Planctus tone at the end. I hope you'll find these editions helpful and useful.

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    Bless You for this! We were going to do an arrangement with Turbæ Choruses that I had made based on Fr. Weber's, but for various reasons that has now fallen through. I was looking for the straight chant edition for Good Friday so this is a God-send!
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  • And here's a video with some help for clergy learning their chants for Holy Week that might be likewise helpful:

    I hope to have a practice recording available for the St. Mark passion in a day or two. There's a recording of my edition of the St. John available here.