Lenten Hymn Audi benigne Conditor + music in English?
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    Would anyone know where to find the Lenten hymn Audi benigne conditor set to music using English lyrics?

    We managed to find the Latin square note setting, and an English translation, but not with the music ...
  • This may be found at no. 66 in The English Hymnal (1906). The translation is by T.A. Lacey and is set to (the original???) mode ii melody (square notes). It is attributed to Gregory the Great.

    If you do not have The English Hymnal I can mail you a copy of this hymn if you wish to PM me your address.
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    You could use this tool. Paste the English stanzas from preces-latinae.org or elsewhere in the left box and this or another version of the tune in the right:
    initial-style: 1;
    centering-scheme: english;
    c4 hg h ji j hi h g h. ;
    ji jk j ji h i h g. :
    g h i j h i j k. ;
    h hk i ji h ih g h. ::

    There's also an older thread on The English Hymnal (1906) referred to by MJO.
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    Thank you! As for this interesting tool, the result turned out to be awkward. The sentence structure doesnt seem to blend with the music. Did something go wrong?
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  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Adoro te indeed seems an ill fit! Maybe that is forcing "he-ar" and "te-ar-ful", which don't disintegrate with the tune I posted above. I had a little trouble with par-don-ing, but exporting the code and running it again through the Gregorio interface, I get acceptable results:
  • Many thanks for the above, Richard. This is the gorgeous melody that is in The English Hymnal. Your efforts to fit Lacey's translation to the Adoro te melody remind me of a certain two step sisters of folklore who tried their best to fit themselves into a certain pair of glass slippers not meant for them.
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    For people interested in hymns from the Liturgy of the Hours, don't forget about Fr. Samuel Weber's "Hymnal for the hours," available for free download. Over 700 pages, and nearly 500 hymns. Revised in 2020. (Audi benigne conditor is on PDF-page 99.)

    This hymnal, originally released in 2014, was earlier discussed on this forum.
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    That 700 page hymnal is an amazing publication! Thank you. I've been looking for something like this.
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  • Richard R.
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    Here is the 2019 ICEL translation using the traditional tune from the Liber hymnarius.
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    Richard, thanks for this.

    I'm reposting this same PDF but enlarged a bit in case someone prefers it larger. (My choir has aging eyes.)
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  • The St. Michael Hymnal has a version which is in English and is sort of a paraphrase of the original melody. I'll be using it this Sunday during communion after the antiphon. #676 "O Merciful Redeemer, Hear."
  • Father Samuel Weber has all of the hymns of the Liturgy of Hours notated in Gregorian Chant. https://sacredmusicus.wordpress.com/2017/04/20/hymnal-for-the-hours-and-lent/

    You can freely print, copy, and distribute.

    - Sr. Marie
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