Chants for a daily mass
  • Stella611
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    There's a group of young people in Vermont who celebrate a NO mass once a month on a weekday that is a mix of latin and english and sing a latin ordinary and some latin hymns. If I were to try to help them starting doing proper chants, would you have to use ones assigned for that day (if there are any) or is it permissable, if you don't have access to weekday chants, to use the chants for the Sunday before? or is there any other options? also, is the Graduale Romanum the only place to get the daily mass chants (i'm assuming that is officially where i would find them)?
  • Kimberley,

    Your instincts are right on target:
    “The weeks unfold under the influence of the Sundays that begin them. They belong either to a particular liturgical season or to the Thirty-four Weeks of Ordinary Time” (Pierre Jounel, in The Church at Prayer IV: The Liturgy and Time [Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 1986], 27).

    The Graduale Romanum is the ideal source for the daily Mass chants but the Graduale Simplex is also very helpful. You might want to see By Flowing Waters: Chant for the Liturgy (Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 1999), a version of the Graduale Simplex in English.

  • Darcy
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    A follow up question to this, in ordinary time are you able to choose between the Gradual and the Alleluia for what is chanted between the (first and only other) reading and the gospel? I'm having a hard time understanding this, in applying it to using the Graduale Romanum:

    63. When there is only one reading before the Gospel,
    a. During a season when the Alleluia is to be said, either the Alleluia Psalm or the
    responsorial Psalm followed by the Alleluia with its verse may be used;
    b. During the season when the Alleluia is not to be said, either the psalm and the verse
    before the Gospel or the psalm alone may be used;
    c. The Alleluia or verse before the Gospel may be omitted if they are not sung.
    64. The Sequence, which is optional except on Easter Sunday and on Pentecost Day, is sung
    before the Alleluia.
  • Michael O'Connor
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    At our Liturgies of the Word done on Fridays, we use option (a).
  • Darcy
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    Does option A, when it says "Alleluia Psalm" refer to the 2nd chant (i.e. NOT the gradual)? I seem to remember some instruction that mentioned a choice between the two chants (at a Mass when there's only one reading before the gospel), but maybe that is for the Easter Season. If anyone can shed light on this I'd appreciate it.
  • Odd... I thought the Alleluia IS omitted if not sung, but the GIRM simply says "may be omitted" (Allelúia vel versus ante Evangelium, si non cantantur, omitti possunt.)