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    The book JUSTINE WARD AND SOLESMES is written by Dom Pierre Combe, Monk of Solesmes. I'm looking for the french version of this book. Does anyone know where to find the French version? I can't find any mention of it on Google.
    The original was well written in French because in the English version it is mentioned: Translation by Philippe de Lacoste and Guillemine de Lacoste. Was the french version published in a journal?
    Thanks in advance.
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    It appears to have been published in the Lettre aux Amis de Solesmes, 1986, no. 1, if this is to be trusted:
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  • The book can be ordered from Solesmes:
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    Thank you for your answer. Excuse-me for this long delay. I had not received notification that there was a new post.
    In the meantime, I asked the abbey of Solesmes: they told me that the original was never published (a shame). So I bought a scan of the mimeographed version for a lot of money (€80), but it is worth it.

    @Andris Amolins
    It is the French version I was looking for.