Incorporating the Propers in Spanish Masses
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    I just wanted to share what I have been doing at my parish.
    Our community isn't ready to walk away from OCP - Flor y Canto but I have managed to introduce some Propers in Spanish.

    I used to get the entrance and communion antiphons/propers from the Spanish Propers Project, which is a really neat resource. However, some of the words didn't seem to fit with certain melodies or the syllabic stress was just weird.
    So, I took Adam Bartlett's book of Simple English Propers and have been translating those for use in the Mass.
    This is the result -

    Please let me know what you think.
    Feedback is appreciated.

  • Ney
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    This is what we did for Epiphany.

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  • It would be incredible if you could license the simple english melodies and produce the entire book in Spanish. It would be a TREMENDOUS resource for parishes who desire to do improve the situation. My struggle at the moment is I don't know how to help our hispanic music ministry teams as I'm not bilingual and I'm unaware of any good resources to give them. But if there was a "Simple Spanish" propers I'd buy copies in a heart beat.
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    I agree with Serviam. Simple Spanish Propers which are melodically interesting enough, but still somewhat formulaic and easy would be a great blessing. Adapting SEP would be wonderful! I find the Spanish propers from Ignatius Pew Missal to be insanely boring.
  • I'm also terribly happy you mentioned the "Spanish Propers Project". I've perused around there a bit and sent some things to my pastor. Hopefully we can incorporate some of these during the triduum when we have combined english/spanish liturgies. Being florid, however, means they aren't the best place to start with the choirs who have never sung this before.
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    Oh yes!
    I tried the propers from Ignatius Pew Missal and they are incredibly boring.

    I think I might start posting Simple Spanish Propers. lol
    I might have to get into contact with Adam Bartlett to see if he is okay with me doing this.
    It's his work. I am just adapting the melodies to the spanish translations.

    As mentioned before, Spanish Propers Project is great but not for beginner choirs.
    Also, I prefer using the propers of the Graduale Romanum vs the Entrance and Communion Antiphons in the Roman Missal. Mr. Bartlett just has it set really great!
    We also chant from SEP in the English Mass.

    Thank you so much for your feedback!
  • There was some discussion a while back of a Spanish version of By Flowing Waters, by Paul Ford but nothing recently. Then there was this project: but it seems to have stalled.

    Also, Adam Bartlett did talk of such a project as well, and I think it will eventually be included on Source and Summit, but I'm not sure of the timeline.
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    Don't forget about the longstanding Spanish Propers Project here.

    Over several years Janet has been adapting the Gregorian melodies into the Spanish vernacular. She provides a PDF booklet for each Sunday of the Church year, which contain "All proper texts: Entrance Antiphon, Responsorial Psalm, Gospel Acclamation, Offertory and Communion." The Communion chants include verses.

    Scroll down on the page a little, and then click on a season (Advent/Christmas, Ordinary Time, etc.) or special liturgical categories (Feasts/Solemnities, Votive Masses, etc.) to see all the work she's done.
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  • @CGM - The psalm responses and verses used are from the USCCB website which - as far as I can make out - are not approved for liturgical use in the US. The texts of the readings (taken from the Mexican lectionary) are OK, but the approved psalm texts are taken from the lectionary from Spain, with some modifications.

    These two discussions on the Forum offer more details.
    Mass in Spanish - Source of the Lectionary?
    New USCCB Spanish Lectionary in the works...