O virum mirabilem (St Francis) translation?
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    Has anyone got a translation of this antiphon for II Vespers? I've just uploaded Peter Philips' setting to CPDL, a great piece whose rhythms gets very tricky to proofread once the birds begin to talk back!
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  • From the Franciscan Supplement to the St. Andrew Daily Missal (1958)

    O virum mirábilem * in signis et prodígiis, languóres cum dæmóniis quóslibet pelléntem! Dat aurem suis ávium prǽdicans silvéstrium verbis intendéntem. O vitam laudábilem! qua fidem sic magníficat, sed et multos vivíficat mórtuos defúnctus. Francísce, nos cæléstium fac consórtes cívium, quibus es conjúnctus.

    O man wondrous for signs and marvels, who drivest away all sicknesses and demons! preaching, he giveth to the very birds of the woods an ear to hear his words. O wondrous life, wherein faith is thus magnified. After death, even, he giveth life to many dead folk. Francis, make us fellows of the heavenly citizens, with whom thou art allied.
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