A Cappella Choral Requiems
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    List your top three favorite please:
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    Depends on the occasion. Ockeghem of course, but for practical purposes where a mixed choir is available only Victoria will do (by some counts that's already 3). I have to admit I'm not familiar yet with Lasso or Palestrina, but among low voice Requiems Morales and Lobo are slightly outdistanced by LaRue. CPDL has 41 works, found with a multi-category search.
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    Thank you @Richard Mix. I am just looking to hear the best on youtube I suppose.

    Listening to this now:

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    The best is the Richafort a6 setting, based on a Josquin chanson and written in memoriam of Josquin at his death. It is spectacularly, sublimely beautiful.

    There are a few recordings of the complete work on YouTube, as well my own recording of the Lux aeterna.
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  • Palestrina‘s „Missa Pro Defunctis“, performed by Chanticleer. The Requiem by Morales comes in an easy second for me. I haven’t explored too many others but I saw Victoria‘s on CPDL and the music looked relatively simplistic to me, but I haven’t listened to a recording yet.
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    1. Victoria for six voices
    2. Clemens non papa
    3. Brumel
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  • [speaking of Clemens non papa, I was just thinking I could sign all my works m_r_taylor non papa and it would be completely accurate.]
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    You don’t want to confuse history should you get elected
  • Herbert Howells’s would be in my top three.
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  • I love the Victoria a6 and a4. Also the Clemens non Papa is beautiful.
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    Victoria à 4, Guerrero's.