Men's Schola Configuration
  • The current distancing requirements have forced me to space my singers much farther apart than previously. An advantage of the current (and temporary) configuration is that it makes right/left alternation more noticeable and effective. I have two new guys starting before the end of the month and am considering more rearrangement of the voices. We'll have an equal balance of four tenors and four baritones. A couple of questions:
    1. Is it preferable to place all tenors on one side and all baritones on the other, or a mixture of both on each side?
    2. Should the two cantors/precentors be on the same side, or one on each side?
    We only sing the Mass, not the Office, in case that makes any difference to how you would answer the second question.
  • For chant only, mix them. Each side taken as a whole should have a full range and sound well high and low.

    One precentor each side is usual. They meet in the middle when functioning together during choral services.

    Usually of advantage to distribute, rather than concentrate, your most skilled singers.
  • Yes, chant only. It's helpful to clarify, since not everyone seeing this will notice the category heading. Thank you!
  • I agree with Nihil. Mixing tenors and basses is the best solution - and, after all, this would be the case in a monastic situation. I've even known several choirmasters who arranged their entire choirs in quartets, not in the usual SATB sections. This can result in a quite different and lovely blend if one has enough choristers to carry it out.
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  • Schönbergian
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    In unison, I would agree with mixing them. For part-singing, keep them together.
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    Make sure they wear masks, that way you have your basses covered.
  • Good one, Adam!