The Choir Organ MIDI Module
  • noel jones, aagonoel jones, aago
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    For those of you finding yourself playing a MIDI keyboard or digital piano.

  • GerardH
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    Noel, does this use a library of digitally sampled sounds, or are the sounds synthesised?
  • noel jones, aagonoel jones, aago
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    I do not believe in synthesized sounds, makes me very uncomfortable to even think about them!


    This was created for the organist who dreads going to church to play a Clavinova or, even worse, a plastic keyboard from Walmart.

    This is a stepping stone to getting your congregation to go out with you and find a new organ.
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  • sdtalley3sdtalley3
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    @ noel jones, aago

    so how does this work? Do you pop the good ol' cassette tape in it?
  • davido
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    Click on the link above, Noel’s website explains the whole thing
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