Liber Evangeliorum in cantu: help needed
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    I'm planning to create a Gospel Book for the OF with all Latin gospels for Sundays and Feasts set to music. I noticed that deacons and priests sometimes have trouble singing the gospel in Latin. Also, we lack a larger, elegant Gospel Book in Latin that can be used in the liturgy; we usually end up using a vernacular Gospel Book with a printed piece of paper taped in to it – not the most desirable solution.

    The attached file gives an example of what I have in mind (matching this recording by Pierre François).
    - use of tone C (Graduale Romanum, p. 807-808)
    - text (spelling, punctuation) from Nova Vulgata, with incipits from Ordo Lectionum Missae
    - no dots and episemas
    - gabc files will be open source

    Putting together the gabc files is quite a lot of work, and I could use some help with that. Is there anyone who would like to help creating these (and also upload them to an open source database, like GregoBase, if accepted there)? I'm happy to hear from you!

    The gabc of the example (OLM 21-A):
    (c4) IN(f) il(h)lo(g) tém(g)po(h)re:(h) (;) Ve(h)nit(h) Ie(h)sus(h) a(h) Ga(h)li(h)læ(h)a(h) in(h) Ior(h)dá(h)nem(h) ad(h) Io(h)án(h)nem,(h) (,) ut(h) bap(h)ti(h)za(h)ré(h)tur(h) ab(h) e(g)o.(g) (:) Io(h)án(h)nes(h) au(h)tem(h) pro(h)hi(h)bé(h)bat(h) e(h)um(h) di(h)cens:(h) (,) «E(h)go(h) a(h) te(h) dé(h)be(h)o(h) bap(h)ti(h)zá(h)ri,(h) (,) et(g) tu(g) ve(g)nis(f) ad(g) me?».(gh) (:) Res(h)pón(h)dens(h) au(h)tem(h) Ie(h)sus(h) di(h)xit(h) e(h)i:(h) (,) «Si(h)ne(h) mo(h)do,(h) sic(h) e(h)nim(h) de(h)cet(h) nos(h) im(h)plé(h)re(h) om(h)nem(h) iu(h)stí(g)ti(g)am».(g) (:) Tunc(h) di(h)mít(h)tit(h) e(g)um.(g) (:) Bap(h)ti(h)zá(h)tus(h) au(h)tem(h) Ie(h)sus,(h) (,) con(h)fés(h)tim(h) as(f)cén(h)dit(g) de(g) a(g)qua;(h) (;) et(h) ec(h)ce(h) a(h)pér(h)ti(h) sunt(h) e(h)i(h) cæ(h)li,(h) (,) et(h) vi(h)dit(h) Spí(h)ri(h)tum(h) De(h)i(h) de(h)scen(h)dén(h)tem(h) si(h)cut(h) co(h)lúm(h)bam(h) (,) et(h) ve(h)ni(h)én(h)tem(h) su(g)per(g) se.(g) (:) Et(h) ec(h)ce(h) vox(h) de(h) cæ(h)lis(h) di(h)cens:(h) (,) «Hic(h) est(h) Fí(h)li(h)us(h) me(h)us(h) di(h)léc(fh)tus,(h) (,) in(g) quo(g) mi(g)hi(g) com(g)plá(gh)cu(h)i».(h) (::) (h+)
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    When setting Lessons, Epistles and Gospels, I use this programme I then go through the GABC and do the minor corrections,

    While this is EF these may be of interest,
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    Benjamin Bloomfields tool indeed saves some time. Adjusting the rules for the epistle tone, I can create something that produces Gospel tone C, and afterwards I need some corrections in the gabc.