Votive Mass of the Passion
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    Asking for a newly ordained priest friend who loves good liturgy (I have hope for the future of worship in our diocese):

    What happened to the Votive Mass of the Passion in the EF? Why was that never inserted into the novus ordo?
  • Polska Piano,

    References to suffering, hard teachings, sin, the otherness of God, and such were systematically removed from the rite at the time of the reform. It's possible that Votive Masses in general were reduced, and that the Votive Mass of the Passion was considered un-necessary or un-desirable.

    The Offertory may give a clue, too. Imagine speaking or singing this, if one believes in the need to tear away anything which isn't modern from the liturgy:

    "Wicked men rose up against me: pitilessly they sought to kill me: they even spat in my face: with their spears they wounded me, and all my bones were shaken."
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    Another way to say this might be,

    "Wicked men rose up against my Church: pitilessly they sought to kill my Church: they even spat at the face of the Church: with their hands they tore down all that clothed my Church... altars, music, adornments, vestments, and more... and all her bones were shaken."
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    Well that I realize. I was playing "Now Thank We All Our God" as recessional I was singing from memory until I stumbled over GIA's editorialized "and free us from all harm" instead of "free us from all sin."
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    "free us from all sin."
    And that translates back into German as what?
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    verse 2, as it appears in Bach:
    Der ewig reiche Gott
    woll uns bei unserm Leben
    ein immer fröhlich Herz
    und edlen Frieden geben
    und uns in seiner Gnad
    erhalten fort und fort
    und uns aus aller Not
    erlösen hier und dort.

    Winkworth (modified? original? I don't know):
    O may this bounteous God
    through all our life be near us,
    With ever joyful hearts
    and blessed peace to cheer us;
    And keep us in His grace,
    and guide us when perplexed;
    And free us from all ills,
    in this world and the next!

    "aus aller Not": "from all need", "from all distress"

    I don't know why GIA went for "harm". Maybe to make it less singable ;-)

    And why did other revisers put "sin" into it? Sometimes the translators of hymns and prayers into English have made them sound severe when the originals weren't.
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    How does "free us from all sin in the next world" square with Catholic teaching?
    CCC 1022 Each man receives his eternal retribution in his immortal soul at the very moment of his death, in a particular judgment that refers his life to Christ: either entrance into the blessedness of heaven-through a purification or immediately, or immediate and everlasting damnation.
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    Oh, I wasn't insinuating that one could sin in heaven! In that case, the last line was changed as well. (See below.)

    Worship 3rd ed. (#560)

    O May this gracious God
    through all our life be near us,
    With every joyful hearts
    and blessed peace to cheer us;
    Preserve us in his grace,
    and guide us in distress
    And free us from all sin
    Till heaven we possess.
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    GIA had editorialized out the possibility of “ills” in the next world. Don’t want to get in the way of rainbows, sunshine, and my little ponies.